Who I Am


IMG_0118Hello and welcome.  Corrine Gilman here…

I am a self taught mixed media artist with a background in Communications Arts.

My work revolves around the communication of abstract impressions. Raw hand stitch on vintage and found textiles imparts a textural image of place.  Mixed media collage and painting maps out the landscape. By listening to the whispers in nature and the forces of the unseen and mystery, I try and translate these communications through my work.

Nature provides the subtle balance of interaction between human and other sentient beings – animals, plants, wind, water and trees if we are willing to let our ego go and truly listen.  Stitching and painting are my ways of  “speaking” through those mediums.  I rely solely on my intuitive sense as to where the work will go, letting it guide me rather than my guiding it.  I am but a follower in nature’s rhythms.

I follows my muse recognizing that there are no mistakes only happy accidents in the blossoming of the creative spirit and I want to share this enthusiastically with you.

Sparkle Days Studio is my dreamscape studio where I create my work.

The necessary stuff:

I am a graduate of Simmons College with a degree
in Publishing and Public Relations.
I have 30 years experience in the corporate world
in the advertising, printing and marketing industry,
the last 24 of which I have run a successful marketing
rep business of my own.
I have taught mixed media classes in intuitive art making and creative opening locally and
at Lucky Star Art Camp, a national retreat.