5 Minute Make


Five minutes, that’s all the time for journal play this morning, before tomorrow’s Thanksgiving in the USA.  It’s a warm up to get back into the journal which truthfully, I haven’t touched in a month or more.  Holiday making in full swing.  Cat, I draw cats even though I don’t have one, they draw me […]

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Sources of Inspiration


A collection of collections that inspire me.  Objects, patterns, colors…   What inspires you?

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Me Myself and the Muse


A story in dolls and words.

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Pillows are Popping


Fiber, collage, scent and stuff.  Pillows are popping all over the place.  Getting ready for the Craft show and holiday sale at the gallery.  By now, one would think the stash is looking a bit low, but oh no, not even close.  I’ve determined to wean it down before I buy one thing new, so […]

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Making and writing, writing and making


Making and writing, writing and making, crafts fair, galleries and more.  Pillows are piling up, the stash is asunder, fabric all over the house. Spent Saturday with Erica at the Vintage Bazaar holiday craft fair at Pettengill Farm, what a great, fun day of just hanging out with a good friend. Not to mention bargains […]

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Bold Color Invades the Fabric


Today I got out my bold color textile paints and some stencils and had a stash making session.  Pink, orange, red yellow turquoise and green and big hits of black.  Light canvas, osnaburg(cotton) and heavier weight canvas. I really enjoy the textile paints from Jacquard, they are so easy to use. As are the Dynaflo […]

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Finding the Joy

Finding Joy

Even though the “stuckness” hit me like a ton of bricks last night and all my creative juices ran right out of my body, I’m still finding the joy. Made this yesterday before I plunged into the “stuckness”. Got out some watercolor crayons and stencils with pan pastels and just made patterns.     And […]

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Fiber Collage


Another in the Memory Garden Series of fiber collage in the works.  It’s not finished but I thought I would share WIP.  This piece is about 16″ wide and 12″ high. There will be some bling in the way of attachments and other details yet to be intuited but overall I’m pleased with the progress […]

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Broaches, Broaches and More…Broaches


Stitching my fat little fingers to the bone, the etsy shop is live again.  Broaches, broaches and more…broaches.  Vintage gems with a boho gypsy vibe.  Hope you will all take a peak and share away for those of you on facebook.  Dolls going in soon too.  Might be some more angels on the way since […]

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Art Dolls Invading


Art doll making – rather invading.  The Lavender Bellies.  Working on my table for the York Art Association Holiday show and sale. Hand painted canvas, vintage buttons, felted wools and lavender sachets inside. You, dear friends, know I like my art dolls on the funky side. Rag poetry as a design element and of course […]

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