Seeking Stability

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I’ve always been a lover of stones.  Smooth stones with stories to tell.  In our last house we were perched above a pond and I carried tons(literally) of stones home and placed them all around the yard, and in the house. Stones keep me grounded.  Their history so old, they seemed the perfect anchor to my life. Now we live in a house with a double foundation of granite.  Inside the basement is a second foundation wall built on ledge that holds the center of the house still.  In 215 years the house barely settled, all the doors were plumb and true, but I still collect stones, now mostly the ones with stories that intrigue me as I am as centered as my house with it’s double foundation. I belong here.

In this world we notice certain aspects of the landscape. For each of us it is different.  For me it’s stones, for you it might be mountains or trees or the sea. Whatever connects us to the planet strongly is something we need cherish, for it is our map and our compass for moving through this world.  For me it’s stones, for you?


What calls you?


  1. Lovely post. I need stones and flowing water. Hugs, Valerie

  2. Beautiful post – I am drawn to stones as well. We have here in our region many of big rocks – they don’t know 100% exactly from where they are… there are theories and scientific results – but different … I love those erratic blocks so much … fragments from eternity.
    oxo Susi

  3. pamelaarts says:

    I can’t think of anything….I love old paper/books — does that count? I love your stones though…..xo

  4. I can’t choose one thing. I love it all – stones, mountains, streams, lakes, the sea, trees… I would have to say Nature in general. The photo in this post is beautiful – I find it calming.

  5. Julie Mackinder says:

    Your home is really interesting with all that underpinning of a solid foundation. It sounds very reassuring. I love stones too and collect them whenever we go somewhere new, especially from beaches. I think for me it is the sea and the shoreline that resonates the most deeply. It is where I feel most happy and at peace.

  6. All of nature speaks to me and for me.
    Thank you for this thoughtful post …
    Mr Magpie just brought home a big beautiful cream colored rock…
    felt as special as two dozen roses.
    So enjoyed reading your post dear Corrine

  7. It seems that lots of people collect stones. I collect feathers, and sometimes leaves.

  8. I brought HUGE rocks with me from my home in MO when I moved to this house in KS. I placed them in the landscape. People thought I was weird when I packed them up and brought them with me (some weigh over 50 lbs, maybe more), but I can certainly appreciate your love of rocks. They hold a special attraction to me, too. Thanks for reminding me why I did this way back when.

  9. Love the stones. I was a bowl of little stones on my coffee table that I have collected over the years in various places. I know what you mean, they really connect you to the soul of this planet. And yup, I am done at noon on Wednesday- thank goodness. I am READY! Hugs to you!

  10. tis the sea for me!

  11. I’m a collector also… I collect far too many things:) Stones, feathers, washers, bottle caps and similar things, but I am especially drawn to rusty and grungy stuff.

    Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Thanks for all your creativity and inspiration through the year.


  12. “and it stoned me to my soul, stoned me just like jelly roll…” me too. I carry stones in my pocket all the time, they become quite smooth after a couple of years. Now I have started to carry bits of wood to watch them smooth and take on a lovely color. That’s my life. The simplest things give me pleasure. Like walkin’ the dogs.

  13. ah yes, for the love of stones… I too have quite a collection! My sweet husband has made me a special carrying bucket for my found treasures from the shore! lol
    Happy Solstice my friend! xo

  14. Stones for me too. But if seashells were as abundant ………

  15. For me, it’s water–whether stream, river, pond, lake or ocean. I find peace and, yes, “grounding” in that. I do admit to having two stones from my childhood!

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