Angel of Color and Light

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An angel appeared in the journal tonight, one of color and light.  He/She moved in with multiple wings, for flying power? He/She is keeping me company on this dark and rainy night.  Hope she brings some color and light to you too.





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  1. Wow! An angel — lucky you, Corrine! xo

  2. Love your colourful and very radiant angel, thanks for sharing again at Art Journal Journey, hugs, Valerie

  3. Oh my gosh! This angel is simply amazing! Wonderful !
    You never cease to amaze me !
    Thank you very much for this beautiful entry to Art Journal Journey!
    Have a good weekend my friend!
    Sending light and good wishes in your direction

  4. she made me smile so early in the am. have a great week and a merry Christmas!

  5. She is a beauty and reflects you dear,Corrine!!
    Merry Christmas to you and your superman and your family!! xo

  6. Of course an angel appeared Corrine….didn’t you know it’s Xmas?

  7. I am glad an angel found you. Funny how they do sometimes, like creative muses. Hope he/she keeps you safe and happy!

  8. She does Corrine, and she looks strong and loving, her face wonderfully built with your colors, and the magic you creates by mixing them, to make them shine!!
    I love when angels find me, -do you feel blessed, like me- when it happens ? xx

  9. Ohh of course she does!! She lightens up my day here, How I love her vivacious face and the bold colors you use! The pink really pops up! Thank you for the smile :). Wish you a Merry Christmas with your loved ones!!

  10. Thank you for sharing your beautiful angel of color and Light dear Corrine!
    So special and lovely.

  11. Wow, thank you for sharing your special angel, she is truly beautiful.
    Yvonne xx

  12. Your angel has a very strong and peaceful face. Nothing fazes him/her!

  13. love your colorful angel,beautiful,i made a angel too.
    happy christmas.

    hugs jenny

  14. He is just lovely, with such wise eyes. (I started by saying “she” but am now convinced he is a “he”).
    I hope he stays in your journal for a bit and doesn’t fly away again, he look good.
    I like the turquoise stars too.

  15. he Looks so friendly, seems to be a gentle guy… and the turquoise stars are the perfect contrast to his lovely face!

  16. If one wing is good…more is better! She most definitely did bring light and color to me! Thanks so much for sharing your angel with Let’s Play!

  17. Love your angel, Corrine! Lot of color and light with an eye toward the coming new year. Very optimistic and inspiring work!

  18. Lovely sparkly angel!

  19. I just love her sweet smile and big, radiant heart!

  20. I sure love that smile and the colours. Gorgeous!

  21. She is charming ~ and she radiates love and healing in the color and light she expresses!

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