It’s a Wrap

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IMG_7300It’s a wrapping time of year and it was time to splash some paint around and make some paper for Christmas making.  Starting with  Red Rosin Paper, my four foot roll of floor underlayment paper, I used my Gelli Plate ™ as a plain monoprint surface I rolled on paint and flipped it over and slapped it down on the rosin paper.  (I did about 6 feet x 4 feet at a time).  I did not wait for the paint to dry, just kept adding color, leaving some of the red to show through.


I also used my roller to push some paint around as well.  Got out a big spiral stamp and topped it off with some reds permanent ink.

IMG_7296 IMG_7297

I rather like the overall colors with the pops of cad yellow lighting up the night as it were.

Some matching twines and tiny tags I punched out of watercolor paper from my stash rounded out the play session.


Oh and of course some washing tape to further adorn the packages and tags.  I did another sheet yesterday with a slightly different  color variant, I like to mix it up, now to wrap all the Superhero’s gifts before he can find them. Enjoy your merry making.


Twinkling lights an all.  Linking to Let’s Play over at Carolyn’s Place.


  1. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…..around your house, anyway! You have created art on a grand scale–a HUGE masterboard, if you will, but beautifully cut it down to size! Love your custom wrapping paper, my friend. Merry Christmas to you and your Super Hero!!

  2. Wonderful wrapping paper! The washi tapes are a nice addition too! I’ve heard of ‘red rosin’ paper before, but never actually seen any.

  3. Love your b ight and beautiful packaging, great idea and looks like a lot of fun to make! Hugs, Valerie

  4. Fabulous idea…it all looks wonderfully festive. Have a very happy Christmas Corrine.

  5. So festive Corinne – awesome!

  6. lyndabloombakecreate says:

    I’ve always wanted to play with that Red Rosin paper but didn’t know what to do with it! Love your wrapping paper. Thanks for the inspiration. Merry Christmas!

  7. pamelaarts says:

    I LOVE your hand-painting wrapping paper, Corrine. Beautiful. And our tree is about the same size as yours. So pretty. xo Happy Holidays.

  8. This is the most stylish handmade wrapping paper i have ever seen! You could gift me only the package, it is enough to make me happy. And the twines are gorgeous, too.I loved this 🙂

  9. Don’t bother with the present, Corrine, I’ll just play with the paper.
    Looks fantastic, and the matching twines and washi tapes are just the thing.
    Love seeing your tree too.

  10. Anyone who receives a gift from you packaged in this wrapping will surely consider they had received two gifts from you. well done!!

  11. Nice- and I love your little tree too! Sooo cute!

  12. you are in a pre-christmas roll, literally;) wonderful results of your flow!

  13. Julie Mackinder says:

    Beautiful wrapping paper and lots of fun into the bargain. Your tree looks lovely! Have a really Happy Christmas Corinne xxxx

  14. Dear Corrine, your handmade wrapping paper, is so beautiful, wow, I can see you for my inner eye ,when you explain how you did this!! A great idea, to use that paper, and make it all your own. Also wonderful with the twine in according colours !!

  15. Super beautiful colors!

  16. Wow, you are just on fire!! I feel so far behind!! beautiful wrapping paper, twines and tags!! xoxo

  17. Your tree is beautiful, and so is your gift wrap!

  18. Paper that is festive and playful- and such fun to make! Working big is such an energizing way to print! You are inspiring me to ditch my to do list and make wrapping paper instead! Thanks so much for sharing with Let’s Play!

  19. Beautifully made Corrine! I would have to save my wrappings! heehee

  20. I love your kind of Christmas colors. They’re summery 🙂

  21. This is a great way to play. It must be so freeing to create this, no rules or expectations, simply laying down paint and playing with stencils, stamps and tape!

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