Singular Focus

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Dipping my toe back into the art journal with singular focus.  Feeling in a cyclopean mood.  Thinking about a simple word: collage.  It permeates everything I do, from my journal pages to my one pot meals.  A melding of elements and flavors too.  Affirming and defining for this journal woman, the who the what the where I am making…


The Christmas shopping is done, the wrapping paper to make, a collage of fun…yet to come.  Enjoy your Sunday.

IMG_7284 IMG_7286 IMG_7287 IMG_7293

Linking to AJJ, art journaling with some words.


  1. Fab journaling, great colours. Thanks for joining us at AJJ, hugs, Valerie

  2. Wow.. this is stunning ! I am thrilled about your page Corinne!
    Happy Sunday!
    Thank you for your support of Art Journal Journey !

  3. Oh here I see, the words in her throat, that I loved from your spot-showing the dark drawings. A wonderful way Corrine, to show the moving inside her throat , Your cyclope, sees and holds so much more that the eye is seeing at first sight!! Love your mix of colors, too !
    Yes you are right, no snow here at all, truly so very weird , and also scaring for the future !!
    Happy third Advents Sunday !! xx

  4. nice work Corrine. Simple, and yet it says so much in the art and the one little sentence.

  5. Fantastic!!! x

  6. What a fantastic piece, Corrine. The drawing, the colors, the words that got stuck when she tried to speak, all make for a fantastic collage.

  7. A fantastic collage page, wonderful colours and drawings, the words are great.

  8. pamelaarts says:

    Happy Sunday, pal! i love collage too. I’m right with you there. xo

  9. Interesting topic. Do you feel on a single track? Am I just over analyzing? Love the topic though and the page! How’d the sale at the York Art Assoc. go?

  10. cyclopean mood… love that Fantasy! great Collage with stunning Colors, Keep cool until Christmas:)

  11. This is pretty deep, Corrine.
    I could imagine all kinds of stories here.
    Maybe she is just a happy introvert. I hope she is happy.
    Love your cyclops lady’s curves and tuft of blue hair, she is an individual, that is certain.

  12. Beautiful words and art. I missed you!

  13. I love her…and that text is perfect! Hand-in-hand, they tell a story of focus. Wonderfully combined, Corrine!

  14. Always fun to visit with you!
    I so enjoy your many layers of creativity!
    I’ve had fun this morning going back to see alot of what I missed while traveling.
    Collage is definitely a part of me too.
    Happy Christmastime to you and yours…

  15. Excellent piece Corrine!! I absolutely love this!!

    Good for you on completing all of your tasks for the holidays, hoping to wrap mine up today- I’m pooped! heehee
    hugs and warm wishes, Jackie xo

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