Sources of Inspiration

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A collection of collections that inspire me.  Objects, patterns, colors…









What inspires you?


  1. Nice collections. Nearly everything I see inspires me in one way or the other. Hugs, Valerie

  2. Nice photos. Is that rusty collection of pieces like bottle caps from your walks along the river?

  3. OMGosh, I adore the rusty bottle cap. And buttons are always fun to run your hands through. They have such a different feel than the new ones. I don’t have all that washi tape, but I can certainly admire yours. You have some amazing collections!

  4. Wonderful photos.. yes I am also inspired by all things around me… sometimes I have to close my eyes because the inspiration overwhelmes me…lol.
    Happy Sunday dear Corinne

  5. you do!

  6. Great inspiring collections Corrine! xo

  7. YOU inspire me, my dear friend!! I have to add that your photography skills almost (but not quite) rival your stitching, painting, inking and collage skills!

  8. Wonderful collections, all so colorful , and so bright,-love them all, and how one leads to the other, to end up with examples of your amazing stitching and wonderful paintings, Corrine.
    Great photos ,too.
    Dorthe, xx

  9. Your photography inspires me Corrine plus everything I see here as, apart from your beautiful fabrics, I have the same items right near me as I work and it is amazing that we create so differently.
    Love everything I see here from top to bottom!
    Suzy xox

  10. cool collections and great photos of them!
    well, the question is: what inspires me not;)
    i think i can´t Count my interests…

  11. So colourful and varied a collection here.
    Good question.
    What inspires me? Lots and lots, and then I start one of them and think, no!
    In the end, sitting down and starting to make is the only thing that works.
    But I do a lot of thinking first.

  12. These collections are great and inspiring. Love your washi-tapes!

  13. Oh, this collection of pictures definitely inspires me! I’ve got a ton of collections of my own, but seeing others is always an inspiration too!

  14. Your collections look similar to mine. Tiny things. I seem to accumulate all things tiny. If they’re not on display in my house, it’s fun to take them out and browse through on occasion.
    So many things inspire me. A lot of times it involves the textures and colors of things I see around me.

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