Me Myself and the Muse

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A story in dolls and words.

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  1. Fantastic work, love the sewing and embroidery, really different and exciting. Hugs, Valerie

  2. you are multi-talented, Corrine!

  3. Really intriguing faces, black eye and buckle nose, they look as if they very strong personalities.

  4. So meaningful those faces. I can visualize you making them. Love that they just are.

  5. The scratchy background and your faces- awesome together! Thanks for linking up with Let’s Play!

  6. Your fabric pieces and doll themes are really expanding. It’s rewarding when one idea leads to another. Inspiration at work.

  7. The muse is certainly present here.

  8. I love your faces, Corrine! Sometimes they utter, sometimes sputter, and sometimes say nothing at all–or so it seems! Your poetry always seems subject to interpretation and I wonder how mine differs from yours! Lovely work, my dear friend!

  9. How fun are these! And very unique and clever too!!!!!

  10. These doll faces are wonderful and so full of tales. I like that the faces are all so different. Of course, I love the one with the buckle for a nose. Really quite clever.

  11. so cool… and i can see the fun you had!!

  12. Absolutely can feel the soul of your muse here Corrine- lovely canvases!

  13. its fun to see how your brain works! the black eye is my favorite!

  14. Wow.. just fabulous … the textures with the embroidery are so cool… unique pieces Corinne!

  15. What a fun series – very unique!

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