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Making and writing, writing and making, crafts fair, galleries and more.  Pillows are piling up, the stash is asunder, fabric all over the house. Spent Saturday with Erica at the Vintage Bazaar holiday craft fair at Pettengill Farm, what a great, fun day of just hanging out with a good friend. Not to mention bargains and scores. Glad to be included in a juried show at the York gallery with my In the Memory Garden series and possibly a workshop gig there as well come first of the year.  Can you say joy buzz, hectic holiday making, no rest in sight time.  Not to mention my friend Jill Eudaly has started a new blog You-R-Here, in which I have a new piece written today, but there is some wonderful writing about being present and connecting to what’s around us so please visit and look around at the main site.  Enough already…now for some serious eye candy.


Erica with her amazing bargain, the cubby to hold all and them some.  I made her do that pose, although we did forget our selfie.


Pettengill is known for it’s displays so here are just a few.


Always a lovely vignette with them.


Spectacular and unusual tree decorations.


A real New England scene.


More succulents.


The snow queen in one of the tents.

My work in the gallery.  Thanks to the Superhero for my shadow box of leftovers from the barn.


Love the whale and the photo of grasses just below it.


Some shots of the space.  It really is quite a sweet gallery.

Some sun on the floor and shadow making.


Last but not least my scores from the Bazaar



Succulents in a tiny pumpkin in a mercury glass goblet.



IMG_7066A soda bottle box to put my dolls in at the craft’s fair at the gallery.  Thought they would look cheery all propped up.

Have a glorious week all.  Back to my sewing…



  1. Oh my, you 2 ladies sure had a BIG, fun filled day. Lovely photos, wish I was near enough to visit that wonderful place, what a great assortment of stuff they have. Congrats on getting put on the wall in the gallery – well, your work, not you – and your other achievements. Hugs, Valerie

  2. Wow.. you both had a great visit to this place — amazing eyecandies! Congrats on being exhibited – what a fab piece!!!
    Thank you for sharing the photos and have a happy new week Corinne!

  3. OHHH Corrine, I wish I had been there too, looks like there were so much fun and wonderful things to see, and buy. And there are “my” whole flower bed pieces, in your shadowbox, …I remember you saying I would see,later, what it would become, lol. A lovely gallery, and your succulent buy in the mercury gublet, looks GORGEOUS , as is the doll-box, they will be happy resting there, for sale !!

  4. Nice post! That was a great frame you got from the barn left overs.Your piece looks fabulous hanging on the gallery wall. And it was cool to see your photos from the vintage fair.I love how 2 people take same same shot and they look different. Waiting for the cabinet to arrive later today- spoke with Frank this morning and he is still bringing it by school. Your pumpkin piece looks great on your table-they were so cool. Enjoy your day and hope those pins don’t poke your fingers in all that stitching.

  5. Looks like a fun day! I love that cubby piece your friend found…I’m drooling over it. Your art piece looks beautiful hanging in the gallery, and I agree with you about the whale. All in all I’d say you had a very good day of it.

  6. A lovely gallery…and your work looks great on the wall. I’d have loved a day at the bazaar.

  7. What a busy but rewarding day! Congrats on the gallery display!

  8. Great friends, great finds. You display and shadow box looks fab. You succulent looks succulent. Can’t wait to see more of what you’re going to do.

  9. Oh wow, I’m in LOVE with that rocking horse. I don’t have one like it, either!

    Your art is wonderful, and it goes nicely in that incredible gallery. Such diversity, which is something I always appreciate in a gallery.

    You made some fantastic and wise purchases, too. It appears not only did you have a great time, but took some truly lovely photos, as well.

  10. terrific post. love your entry do you have a close up in color ? if so send it here and I’ll post it for you in the warm climate! your entire set of photos is wonderful!

  11. Lovely post full of celebration…friendship…creativity and more.
    How great your piece looks hanging with all of the other artwork in the gallery (super sun light streaming in too).
    Inquiring minds here: Is the snow queen a costume or a statue?
    Happy November

  12. Gorgeous gallery space for your stunning piece and wonderful shadow box! So very happy for you!! xox

  13. How exciting to be selected for the juried show. The shadow box was a perfect way to display your piece. It blended so well with the rustic feel of the fabric. Really nice! The succulent arrangement in the pumpkin is a great idea. Succulents seem to be very popular at the moment. I’ve seen the little mini ones a lot at local craft fairs.

  14. so great to be in the Exhibition, exciting of course! and the Soda bottle box is just the PERFECT Display for your dolls… well i also envy erica for that cabinet, what a treasure. seems a good day was had by all!!

  15. Oh I enjoyed this lovely day (virtually) too, then!
    Well done, Superhero for making such a good frame, and well done you for being juried in with your marvellous textile among the paintings (not a common combination here).
    Love the box for the dollies, hope you show it filled, before you sell them all.

  16. I was glad to here you were exhibiting in your local gallery, but even happier to “see” the display. Love that Mr. Superhero played a role in your artful project here. It showcases your work beautifully! Great scores to take home, too!

  17. More and more from you, you little busy bee!
    I would’ve known that display anywhere!

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