Finding the Joy

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Even though the “stuckness” hit me like a ton of bricks last night and all my creative juices ran right out of my body, I’m still finding the joy.

Finding Joy

Made this yesterday before I plunged into the “stuckness”.


Got out some watercolor crayons and stencils with pan pastels and just made patterns.




And looked at my second version of “Mostly White Cat” that I made for the animals show at York.  She made me smile.  Finding the joy, finding the joy.


  1. Plenty of joy to be had in that gorgeous cat.

  2. You may have been stuck but you are free flowing.

  3. Oh no-not the stuckness. I hate when that happens. The white cat is great though! What message is she telling you?

  4. Bleubeard gives this two paws up. He adores the white cat, and so do I. BTW, when you get stuck, you seem to find your way out of it far faster than I often do. There’s always joy in getting unstuck!

  5. Love the cat project. I’ve been just itching to do some “paint out” projects like that. (Is that what you call it, when you block out portions of a busy background with paint?)

  6. Love the white cat, what fun! Hope you can soon wiggle out of that Stuck place! Hugs, Valerie

  7. love that kitty! stuckness is a disease we all don’t want but it seems to find us somehow! find a detour!

  8. Jackie P Neal says:

    Corrine, sorry to hear about the stuckness, but the joyful kitty is just darling! See- there is a trickle flowing still!!
    playing catch-up I was away “)

  9. I love how our art reflects what we are going through at the moment! That white cat is so cute!

  10. Even you, with so many,many creative juices ,need to tank up, now and then, Corrine , and seing all you created yesterday before you stuck ,makes me think, it was just time, to meet your white cat, to refill, and find joy again, dear. I love your stitching on the fabric piece, and all the stenciling patterns with fantastic colours !!

  11. with 5 or 6 projects always in the works, I seem to avoid that stuck ness thing… but it looks like you got thru it all with great joy!!! xox

  12. my head can´t Combine “corrine” with “stuckness”… i´m sure you´ll be back in the full flow soon. the cat is eyecandy pure!!

  13. Here’s to more JOY right meow!
    Wonderful kitty kat.
    Every muse needs a little rest.
    Lovely sharing as always dear Corrine

  14. carolyn dube says:

    That stuck feeling of standing in molasses is a bummer but you are making the most of it as you see the joy.

  15. Love the joy we all find in our creativity, Corrine! Speaking from recent experience, it sometimes helps get rid of the “stuckness” if we take a break and stand back for a few moments, or days, or weeks! I feel, in your case, this is temporary. How do I know? Your adorable kitty told me so! Mwah!

  16. Ahh, nothing looks stuck to me!
    To white cat, would love to say, “Here,kitty,kitty!”

  17. Well, White Cat isn’t stuck, he’s pretty happy with life.
    Great creation, Corrine.

  18. your work always makes me smile. xx

  19. Some really cool projects there!

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