Fiber Collage

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Another in the Memory Garden Series of fiber collage in the works.  It’s not finished but I thought I would share WIP.  This piece is about 16″ wide and 12″ high.


There will be some bling in the way of attachments and other details yet to be intuited but overall I’m pleased with the progress thus far.


The heart combo is some comfrey dyed cotton in the background and some rag/tshirt mix as the dimensional element.  Thank goodness for thrift stores.


This particular thrifted t was all words, so while I obscured much of it, it gave a marvelous graphic pop.


A raggedy rose that maybe could use some beading, we’ll see what calls.  A new doll series is calling as well and one is in progress on my table.  You’ll all see her later in the week.


As well as a dozen or so of these waiting to be hand stitched.  Architecture in thread.  Building the envelope of fiber to create the structure.  The muse is sitting firmly on my shoulder, just going with the flow.  Thankful for the light.  Linking to AJJ



  1. Fun stuff, reminds me of your paintings of course. a little of this and a little of that, some stitching here, some painting pops of color there. Nice broaches in your etsy shop too.

  2. Wow!….it’s just so complex.

  3. Holy cow, Corrine. This is simply incredible. Your fiber collage speaks to me, and I really, really want to make some fiber art now. I’m with Jo. This is very complex.

  4. Your fabric collage is well made and very interesting. Must have been a lot of hours of work again! Hugs, Valerie

  5. Wow… this is stunning Corinne! You must have put a lot of work in this —so special! Unique!
    Wishing a good start of the new week Corinne!

  6. very appealing!

  7. It is a fantastic piece of fabric, so wonderful with the different stories ,told of both love, and hectic and beautiful dayes among flowers . Your rose is gorgeous Corrine, …………and I love thrift stores, too 🙂

  8. Love your “flow”!!! Can’t wait to see how this develops, Corrine!!! You’re inspiring me!!! ♥

  9. Your textile pieces are fascinating and I agree with you that the text on the fabric gives an extra oomph.

  10. Wonderful layers and stitching with yummy textures
    AND comfrey dye too ♥ that green!
    What a wonderful new life you’re giving the thrift shop finds.
    It must be very meditative to create these stitched pieces.

  11. Love all the random stitching and bits of color! Very nice Corrine.

  12. such a filling and intricate stitched piece of art-love!

  13. Your fabric art is just so amazing to me, Corrine. Your sewing machine is certainly getting a workout! These works are texture personified! You go!

  14. i´m blown away!! (and how could i fall back in visiting so much… too much other stuff going on here…)
    i really adore your style – that ragged art totally speaks to me. so much to see here, wonderful!

  15. wonderful work! So much texture and love in each stitch. xo

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