Broaches, Broaches and More…Broaches

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Stitching my fat little fingers to the bone, the etsy shop is live again.  Broaches, broaches and more…broaches.  Vintage gems with a boho gypsy vibe.  Hope you will all take a peak and share away for those of you on facebook.  Dolls going in soon too.  Might be some more angels on the way since you all made such loving comments about the herringbone angel, you’ve inspired me to make more.  It feels so good to have had time to make for the sake of the making, what inspires me and feeds my soul.  Thanks for all your support, ALL the time, that you give me here on this blog, it warms the heart for sure.



Happy weekend all.


  1. Gorgeous !!! Looks like Xmas is on its way.

  2. Ooh, aren’t those brooches fun! Have a great weekend! xo

  3. exciting little broaches. Good luck with etsy.xx

  4. Oh my, they are all pretty, you must have stitched for hours and hours and hours! Love the doll, too. Hugs, Valerie

  5. Wow.. what amazing brooches … busy girl – you! And the doll is great!
    Happy weekend dear Corinne!

  6. Love your broaches. They are very you! Glad you are having FUN and enjoying these fall days. When is the York Art show?

  7. Dear Corrine, your brooches are , I know I used happy about your art, often, but these broaches are so very happy, and I love your handstitching on them.
    Good luck with your Etsy, friend.

  8. Wonderful creativity percolating as always…you are on a lovely roll!

  9. You have been busy! I know what you mean about making for the sake of it… a pleasure.

  10. Well, you deserve to feel good about the praises we give you, because your art is always wonderful and very, very inspiring. I especially love the broaches because they are so unique and unlike anything you would find anywhere else on this earth.

  11. Your brooches are terrific and so varied, I would think they would have been very enjoyable to make, with all the colours and different materials and the variety of buttons too.
    Your herringbone angel is something special and I think s/he likes his/her decoration.

  12. I love your brooches!! Fantastic!

  13. Thank you for your warm comments dear friend! Yes, it’s been some time since we’ve met and I’ve nary an excuse except to say I’ve not been on line a lot for a year or more. Well Corrine OMG the texture in your work is yummy, glorious, exciting, inviting, wonderful, magical to me, interesting, compelling, and did I say inviting. I love it. My mind is full of ideas these days but I’ve little time to attend to them. Your work adds more excitement to my ideas. Thank you for that! Greetings and best wishes to you, N, x

  14. Jackie P Neal says:

    Woo hoo! look at you stitch!! Go Corrine Go!!
    You are inspiring me to get my keister in gear!! heehee
    Love the brooches <3

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