Art Dolls Invading

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Art doll making – rather invading.  The Lavender Bellies.  Working on my table for the York Art Association Holiday show and sale.


Hand painted canvas, vintage buttons, felted wools and lavender sachets inside.


You, dear friends, know I like my art dolls on the funky side.


Rag poetry as a design element and of course hand stitch.


A bit of grace for good measure. Stitching a life.


Lavender from Apifera Farm, best quality I know.  Cool artist and misfit lover too second link is her etsy shop where I get my lavender and other wonderful things.


  1. Your lavender belly dolls are great fun, made me smile, and I needed a smile today. Hugs, Valerie

  2. Fun dolls, love the colors and use of various bits and bobs.

  3. Love your dolls … these will be good to sleep with (!!!!!) … lavender!

  4. I can almost smell the goodness of these dolls and feel the textures you have sewn into them. They are funky AND magnificent!

  5. I would love them all .. my fav is the second one!
    Fantastic dolls Corinne!
    Happy Sunday!

  6. Lotsa fun with the Lavender troupe. They are all fascinating and all certainly have a story to tell. My favourite is the tweed one, the last one, but I wouldn’t mind her having an eye, and actually it might be a him or even a teddy doll.

  7. I can almost feel the textures and smell the fragrance of these dolls! xox

  8. love the harris tweed doll! you do do fun stuff!!!

  9. Very fun!!! Hope this isn’t a busy chore but lots of fun with lots of love! People will know that when you go to sell them. Hey we need to do our book day sometime or another! 😉

  10. I always love your wacky dolls! xo

  11. Hi Corrine, a tiny comment while waiting since friday for our internet to Come back!! I love your wonderful and so you artdolls! Their Lively brightness, wonderful sound and amazing way of looking at me. xx

  12. So unique! Love the funkiness, the colors and textures. I hope you sell bunches.

  13. Funky, yes!
    Love the “rag poetry”! Wow! Way wow!

  14. You are just having a blast creating this little spirit family!

  15. they will be a hoot on the market!! and i´m sure People will have lots of fun with them – as you had in the making. super!

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