In The Memory Garden #1

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The beginning of a new series of textile constructions.  A sandwich of ideas born from strips of rags.  In the Memory Garden #1.


Inspired by memory and how what we remember affects us in a myriad of ways.  Details remembered, details lost.  Sometimes a jumble of images that don’t always make sense.


Memories which are often imbued with power and emotion “ragged and raw”.  This first work, to me represents all those things.


Integration that is easy, and at other times full of anxiety and loss.


Mystery built into the stitches, nothing is even or patterned except in their lack of pattern.


Organic shapes, loose threads of the story going off but yet being held tenuously.


Shape shifting in the brain.


The whole piece is roughly 16 1/2″ x 20″ with three dimensional additions.  In the Memory Garden #1.  Architecture of the brain.  Linking to AJJ.


  1. carolyn dube says:

    In love with this series you’ve started! The meaning of the threads and fabrics- such tales there!

  2. Oh Corrine, I adore your stitches. Your use of bits and pieces of fabric was something I really enjoyed seeing. The various stitches and ways you twisted and turned the fabric during construction to make it obey you, made me smile. You have NO idea how much I like this. Not only do I like the completed piece, I live the concept, too.

  3. Fabric is such a warm and comforting feeling in itself, then making it into art just increases it’s beauty.

  4. You evidently had fun stitching this! Thanks for joining us at Art Journal Journey, hugs, Valerie

  5. Oh gosh .. all those stitches …. a gorgeous piece Corinne! Super! Thank you for linking it to Art Journal Journey!
    Happy new week !

  6. Up close and from a distance – pretty amazing.
    Memories in the brain.
    Thanks for another original idea for Architecture.

  7. I feel the need to touch your piece. strange sensation! where does your mind go as you stitch?

  8. Cool piece. I love how they don’t look like seperate rag pieces. And I agree with Lyle. I want to touch this.I also wonder why this is?

  9. memories certainly are powerful sometimes wistful and many layered
    your expressions in cloth and thread are so unique and that you could verbalize so well about it too = Wow!

  10. I love the colors and lack of pattern!

  11. well you know this is right up my raggedy isle! love it.

  12. Super cool!!!

  13. Your work is so clever and cool! Awesome work! Gill xx

  14. raggedy corrine, you are a woman after my own heart!! i´m totally into fabric These days (months, actually…) and i like this organic Piece so much i can´t tell.

  15. This is a very clever fabric construction. It is holding memories safely. I like the organic shape and the variety of materials you have used

  16. JackieP Neal says:

    Incredible piece Corrine- so much to absorb- the colors,stitching, textures and movements- I really love your fiber art! xo

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