Architecture is Organic

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I have always like the idea of organic architecture, houses that have soft edges and carved out rooms.  Adobe, mud, earthships. Nature as color, recycled elements and niches to relax in and read. unusual rooms with views. Like the earthships of Michael Richards in Taos, NM.   We had a chance to take an earthship tour last year.  The glass bottle walls were beautiful and the permaculture systems in place we so healing to the planet. Greywater to be filtered through planting beds that ultimately feed vegetables growing in solar windows, earthen floors that are warm to the touch and hold the heat of the sun.  Composting and composting toilets.   Yes,  I would own a composting toilet.  Most folks go euwwww, but they are really quite simple.  Organic architecture uses much less technology and is simpler, with less to break down.  Rocket stoves are helping the poor all over the world cook outside rather than bring toxic fumes inside by using kerosene cookers and the like.  They take mere sticks to light or some brush.  Made from tin cans, which we have lots of.  Since trash is one of our biggest resources, lets use it in ways that help everyone.  Here is my collage version of architecture is organic.

IMG_6716 IMG_6714 IMG_6713

Even though our house is quite old.  Built in 1799, the builders framed with post and beam, a simple method to hold up the frame with very little materials.  We live in such a granite filled area that they built a double foundation, one inside around the central cooking hearth(which sadly is no longer) and one that was at the perimeter.  In 215 years there is only one small place in the house where the floor has sagged, everything else is intact.  That’s good architecture to me. Go organic, in every way you can.

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  1. Lots of interesting ideas here and I like your illustrative organic collage.
    However, although I’m all for an organic lifestyle and growing vegetables, I do like my home comforts!
    Composting to make compost – very much yes, composting “other things” – very much no!
    Maybe some of these ideas need a warm climate – like cooking outside?
    A nice take on “Architecture”, vive la difference.

  2. I’m always learning from you. Beauty collage.

  3. It’s a wonderful concept. Love your collage.

  4. Fabulous take on the theme with the materials, it looks so touchable. It is a wonderful collage piece.
    Yvonne xx

  5. Great post today. Love the story about your foundation-didn’t know they made double layered ones. Bu obviously they kept your house standing solid for all these years. Nice piece today too. Love the look of your your scraps together.

  6. Very interesting collage, thanks for joining us at Art Journal Journey, hugs, Valerie

  7. your Collage of an organic house is so appealing to me… and i´m sure you had a most interesting tour! i love your thoughtful and informative Posts!

  8. I love your sewed collage – artsy and expressive –
    and I really love what you have written! I do like this houses as well where the link guides to – they remind me of the antroposophic architecture in Dornbach, Switzerland. Or the smurf’s village -lol – I love those round bulidings so much.
    What a fantasic thoughtprovoking entry again Corinne!
    I am so happy to have you with us !
    Happy day!

  9. I was taken by the concept that architecture is organic. I guess I never thought of it that way before. Of course, I adore the organic feel to this post, including the stitching. And yes, I’m STILL in awe of your house, because mine was built in 1920 and has settled badly.

  10. kampysgirl says:

    Wow- the tidbit about your home’s construction is amazing! Well built for sure!
    Go organic!!
    Lovely collage Corrine! xo

  11. your current post is great as are the pictures! if only the world wasn’t run by BIG business! but we can do some small thing s for our earth!

  12. My cousin built a house into the side of a hill and they lived there very happily, a very organic lifestyle, off the grid.. your new home sounds amazing! xox

  13. YES, we should go more organic, Corrine, our earth would LOVE it so much,- and maybe we could avoid the collapse in the future ( of which I am afraid ) Also id dosen`t have to be uncomfortable , if done right !!
    Your soft architecture art piece, gives the feeling of cozyness ,warmts and living in the open,-wonderful !!
    Dorthe, xo

  14. Your fabric art is beautiful and inspiring. I have always been fascinated by earthship living. It seems like such a gentle way to live upon the earth…not destructive as so much of our construction is today.

  15. Wow! What a fantastic collage. Love your words on Earth ship living!

  16. wow,fantastic collage,loved your abstract style,wonderful work.

    oxo jeannette

  17. A gorgeous collage great colours

  18. Now I think this page is one of my favorites!
    The colors and layers are fabulous!

  19. Fantastic collage, so many wonderful colours, patterns and textures – love it!
    Gill x

  20. Very good, I like your idea of a stitched collage! Ulrike

  21. I love all the interesting patterns you combine into your collage. I’ve never been fortunate enough to visit Richard’s work, but it sounds fascinating. Blessings!

  22. Amen, Sistah. Love the message AND the collage.

  23. Love the collage…..that stitching is so satisfying somehow. Totally with you re: organic; its got to be the way forward. We try our best to live an organic life….but sadly its not always easy over here. But we will persevere! 🙂

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