Pattern as Architecture

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Patterns as architecture, as structure.  The warp and the weft woven to create pattern.  Lines of a pattern, blueprints. Clothing, roads, bridges “constructions” of architecture for the body; for life.  The architecture of our lives, the way we structure them, maps to our inner and out movements.  Wind-lines, clotheslines, fence-lines, animal tracks; roads to nowhere and everywhere.  Roads to here.

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Are you going my way to building something?  Linking to Art*Journal*Journey



  1. A different view of architecture from you today! Thanks for joining us at Art Journal Journey, Valerie

  2. pamelaarts says:

    OooOoOoooo I just love these!

  3. Love your take on architecture!

  4. Ah, something quite different! You do have fun with your art, and so do we.
    Nice side move with 8 rows of roses.

  5. It is interesting to observe things in nature or man made that create lines. I once did a photo series of lines. I like the way your lined wrapped spheres look like they’re in motion.

  6. Love the combination of lines and curves. Very original …

  7. I like your really different and unique take on architecture. I’m probably not going your way, but I would LOVE to!

  8. Great play with the different papers Corinne! A super abstract. Yes our lifes are like architectural buildings – you are right!
    Thank you for a thought – provoking entry to architecture at Art Journal Journey!
    Enjoy a good weekend!

  9. beautiful juxtaposition of pattern and texture. love the rawness of it.

  10. JackieP Neal says:

    beautiful play on architecture! xo

  11. Wonderful thoughts you started for me, Corrine, I wonder how much we built our inner architecture ourselves !! The round bolt or the straight lined poor in colour , we have them both, all of us !!
    Dorthe xx

  12. Brilliant interpretation of Architecture theme, Corrine. Amazing geometric design. I always love to see your unique take on subject.

  13. wonderful abstract page,love it.

    oxo jenny

  14. Wonderful little snippets of a much larger idea. So much is in The details.

  15. i like this very unique Interpretation… oh, i think we could build large cities with our scraps;

  16. Hello! I bet nothing goes to waste in your studio! Your ideas and colors are
    always SO fresh!

  17. YES the patterns of our lives…wonderful use of everything and the pattern tissue really speaks to me.
    Looking forward to reconnecting after having been unplugged from Blogland

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