I dreamed an Orb Weaver

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I dreamed an orb weaver wove a web on top of my favorite coffee cup to remind me to embrace life and it’s connections. I’m glad to be connected to all of you.


A smiling door to walk through


A tangle of threads and a button from the sea


The obscured view of me, of youIMG_6669

An ocean cold and windy and oh so blue


A foggy day, a strangers smile


Stitches and stitches dreaming the story


I tell through the lace at the window.


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  1. You weave a tale of stitchery and photos better than the orb weaver you dreamed of. Beautiful photos and a peek into your life through the window of your mind, which is much clearer than fog!

  2. I’m liking what I see.

  3. Great photos. Nice post today!

  4. Lovely work and photos, you have spun a lovely tale today. Thanks for another entry to Art Journal Journey, Hugs, Valerie

  5. What a super post Corinne! What a nice view into your magical world!
    Have a great new week my friend! Thank you for another fantastic Through My Window

  6. beautiful stitched dreamings… and now i think i have boring doors: they do not smile;)
    have a great week, corinne!

  7. tis the web that holds us all together! lovely post!

  8. beautiful glimpses into your life and imagination…. ♥

  9. JackieP Neal says:

    great photos Corrine!
    Love your orb!

  10. Carolyn Dube says:

    The blue on that smiling door- just heavenly! And every time I see your stitching, it makes me want to pick up a needle!

  11. so beautiful and touching. Thank you for sharing!

  12. Love the colors in the orb web!

  13. this post is a visual poem!

  14. A weaver’s tale through a laced door of dreams and stitchery. Beautiful!
    Have a wonderful week Corrine!
    xox Suzy

  15. And thank you for you, and your poetic posts, showing art of happines,and wild colours, mixed with your thoughts of all and nothing…Love your little dream stitches , Corrine.

  16. The very best things are born out of dreams. Loving your stitching journey ….
    xoxo, kim

  17. A lovely illustrated poem-story, and a great finish with you(?) through the lace curtain.
    I’m so happy to be connected to you too.

  18. Fun post!

  19. I love the way you see things Corrine! Great selection of photos….lovely post. x

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