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Always busy in my studio.  Working on the ideas that are flowing non-stop.  Having a hard time keeping up. I’ve been hosting over at art*journal*journey this month and most of my posts have been about the theme “Through My Window”, but I’ve been stitching up a storm behind the scenes and I thought I would play a bit of catch up here.

IMG_6647 IMG_6646 IMG_6648

This piece has me celebrating my Mother’s garden.  She would have been 92 on the 17th of September and she’s been gone for 34 years.  It’s hard to believe that she’s been gone more than half my lifetime already.  The day always catches me by surprise and it’s hard even after all these years to be without some grief on that day.


This guy is looking rather tired.  He’s a piece for a humor show I’m working on for the York Art Association.  He needs a jolt of some of my strong coffee I think.


We’ve been planting grasses in front of our house to spruce up the view from our windows inside the picket fence.  Digging is tough work.  But the results are worth it.


Finding the beauty in everyday is something I am focused on doing.  This pincushion is a flower and such a cheery thing to see in my studio.


Getting inky and making books to send to mail art friends. And taking a book arts workshop at Maine Fiberarts below.

Off to the Common Ground Fair this weekend with a girlfriend while the Superhero holds down the fort.  Hope to learn a bit more about bee keeping and see some glorious fiber. Check out the herb tent and get in a bit of meditation.  Not to mention some potters that I like and a book artist too. It’s quite a holistic and crafts oriented fair.  I promise to catch back up early next week.  Have a glorious few days and a lovely weekend.


  1. Wow! You have so much going on! I like all the fiber art. I’ve never tried it but I love seeing it.
    I understand how you feel about your mom. My mom would have been 100 this year and she died 37 years ago. I still miss her and occasionally find myself thinking I should call her when something special happens in my life.

  2. Love your stitching, really beautiful. And the pincushion is such fun. The grasses you planted are beautiful, really worth the hard work. And have fun with your course. Hugs, Valerie

  3. Oh gosh.. I love this stitching and all you show us in this post!
    Have fun with your course!

  4. there so much energy in this post… actually i consider the guy not being tired but rather twinkling with one eye;)
    i hope you have a lot of fun at the fair and i hope you can Show us some photos of the Event!

  5. Love the peak into all your busy-ness. I have always wanted to go to the common ground fair and learn about bee keeping. Thinking it might be a good retirement hobby (along with all the others). Let me know how it is. Grasses and all the art are looking GOOD! Enjoy your day!

  6. terrific post!

    1 love the books and the grasses are wonderful!

  7. I love that you are so energized right now…at least someone is!! Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. JackieP Neal says:

    Corrine, Your stitching is beautiful!! Seems meditative!
    I look forward to your story about this weekend- we have no”cool” shows or fairs like that around us- so I read your posts and inhale their content! TFS!
    have fun
    Jackie xo

  9. You Go, Girl … in more ways than one!


  10. Busy bee for sure. Loving the outcome. Have a great weekend, my friend. Tell Eileen I said hi.

  11. Oh so much here, I adore the intense stitching and love Mr. Cool, what a great and so original way to make a face.
    And these splashy inky colourful books, imagine getting one of them through the post, a magnificent mail day.
    I like everything else too.
    Have a great time at the Fair, of course you will.

  12. I love the mix of fabrics in your garden. Thanks for the reminder to find the beauty in the everyday. So many serious issues out there that make it difficult to remember to look.

  13. Super colors, great ideas!
    The first pic looks like the beginning
    of one of my grandmother’s “rag rugs”!

  14. I wish I were more like that, with so many ideas popping into my head that I can’t keep up with them!

  15. I know I’m late getting here, but I hope you are having a wonderful weekend. I really LOVE those inky books, and the ones you are making in the workshop.

    Those grasses are awesome. I wish I could grow grasses like that, but they require lots of sunlight that I don’t have. Your plantings are beautiful and so well done.

  16. Corrine, your mother left you far too early, I`m sorry for you !!
    So many wonderful things to see here,- your garden, and the beautiful “weaved ” fabric you sewed, the pincussion and great books of painting and drawing, a lovely visit !!
    Sorry I missed so much ,while away, and before leaving,-but trying to catch up !!

  17. Your colors are so rich and gorgeous, and I adore the face. Love the grasses, too. Hugs!

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