At Summer’s End

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Through the window at summer’s end.  Bathing suits will be packed away.  Socks come out and feet go in.  Birds feed hungrily on the berries that are left.  Cools weather seeps in and gives us rest.  Summer is over through my window.  But this childlike photo card makes me remember the endless days of my summer childhood swimming every chance I got.  Through my window at summer’s end and back in the days of my childhood.  I hated bathing caps, did you?  Linking to Art*Journal*Journey

IMG_6640 IMG_6641 IMG_6642

A mix of stash elements make up this page.  Just a fond note to summer.


  1. Oh – how sweet! But unfortunately summer didn’t end here – it was 97 on Sunday and that is just so wrong. Love that girl and her bathing cap.

  2. She’s perfect…I remember those days.

  3. Oh and the sunburns I used to get being out on the water so frequently! I don’t remember having to wear a bathing cap unless I was in a public pool. It is sunny here but very cool, where are those socks….

  4. still summer here in Florida… but you must be ready for the fall and the beauty that will surround you… darling pages! xox

  5. Look at your cap. What a great layout to keep for memories.

  6. Wonderful page, love the summer being packed away idea. Hugs, Valerie
    Thanks for all your support for Art Journal Journey!

  7. What a sweet page – oh yes .. summer definitely has gone – at least here..brrr…
    Beautiful collage Corinne!
    Thank you wonderful September hostess♥♥♥
    Wishing a happy day to you!

  8. i´m always a bit melancholic at summer´s end, even if i complained about the heat the last weeks;)
    rain here today, chilly, i have my woolen socks on.
    but your Little Girl carries on the joys of summer (oh, i hated the bathing Cups, too – like everybody, i suppose…). awesome!!
    lets hope for a beautiful gossamer…

  9. Such a nostalgic peek through your window. I could immediately see those summer days I spent swimming, splashing, and diving to the bottom of a pool. I hated those bathing caps too. Fortunately, they only had to be worn in the public pool at the park. There’s a book of very short stories with some great descriptions of summer days in the pool. The title is “A Summer Life” by Gary Soto. The two stories are “The Haircut” and “The Inner Tube”. All the stories are about his childhood. Very enjoyable.

  10. Great collage page. Yup, glad fall has arrived here. I am ready, though if school didn’t start and I could enjoy another month of non-humidity like July was, I might be more willing for summer to continue.

  11. JackieP Neal says:

    OMgosh- how adorable are you in that?!!! I love it Corrine! thanks so much for sharing this! xo

  12. Love your summer page. Although we are having glorious summer-like weather still the nights are getting cooler, the leaves are falling and I continue to hang on to summer memories. Oh my-those caps though- I never did like them…

  13. I remember well those bathing caps , they never stayed on. Love your journal page and the memories that can be seen and thought about when looking at it.
    Yvonne xx

  14. Yuck! I remember THOSE things…!
    We still have summer here, humidity is off the charts
    and rain-rain and more rain!

  15. You was a lovely sweet girl, also back then Corrine- I never learned swimming 🙁 and still don`t !! A wonderful page, remembering your childhood summers, when time did not FLY !!!

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