Stars and the Red Man

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Brushing the stars

The red man sighs

through my window

from on high


IMG_6499Linking to Art*Journal*Journey through my window.



  1. Now, who is the red man? Great journal page, and mysterious words. Have a lovely day, hugs, Valerie

  2. my mind played tricks on me, so i read “moon” instead of man, but i think that is the same here;) awesome!

  3. the red man is a mysterious person! maybe we will see him in other places!!!

  4. Nice! The red man could become an occasional theme in your art-I love him! He’s got a little intrigue and mystery and exotic about him.

  5. I would like to know in which colors he paints the stars?
    Just lovely! A super collage Corinne!
    Happy Saturday!
    Thank you for another fantastic piece to the theme!

  6. First of all, I seriously love your art, your poetic story and the conceptual stars.

    But the Red Man? Looking through my window from the stars? In the dark? Eeeeeek!

  7. FaNtastic colours and textures Corinne , and love your play with words, -your red man looks quite friendly to me , lol!!
    Hugs for saturday !!

  8. Ah Corrine, this is MY kind of collage. I love it, and the way you interpreted YOUR prompt for AJJ. You appear to have painted those stars with heavenly light, dear friend.

  9. Love your page the red man is great

  10. Love the red man!Who is he?

  11. JackieP Neal says:

    Corrine, your red man is quite a curiosity! Where did he come from and who is he really?

  12. Great composition and sweet words. Love your little red man….

  13. Love that splash of red in your man. You are so prolific this month!

  14. I love the red and your cardboard,too!

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