Dart Under The Red Moon

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A bit of this and that for “Through My Window” at Art*Journal*Journey.  Over the USA Labor Day weekend holiday I spent some time looking into the window in my solar oven and cooking up some plants.


Goldenrod, coffee too, iron gives a greenish hue.

I went looking at the things I found on my walk…


Found this rusty old iron bit off a boat with teals and pink red paints and a couple of nice beach stones.

And I went inward to find the words for this small book journal going off to a friend.

“Dart under the red moon

Starts hidden by sulpher clouds

Gull sits


for light to fish.”  Corrine Gilman

IMG_6550 IMG_6555_2I shall mail it off in the next day or two.

Back to my recycled journal in the next post.



  1. Looks like you have had a fun and creative time playing with the elements you found, great idea. Thanks for your continued support for Art Journal Journey, hugs, Valerie

  2. Great words…and a beautiful gift. Love your dying.

  3. A wonderful gift and the words are super as well. I also love your coul outdoor founds!
    Thank you says Art Journal Journey and

  4. Looks like you had a good weekend. I love those pieces you found walking along the shore. I looked for you when we went boating Saturday, but my guess is you were already home after your walk. 🙂

  5. Wonderful gift and I love that boat part- way cool! xo

  6. I was really struck by the journal but when I read the words I was taken aback…just perfect i would have to say…..and very beautiful. i really love your style.

  7. Your art journal is gorgeous Corrine, fantastic colours blending together, and your tiny Gull, wayting for light , oh you are a wonderful friend, able to put your thoughts on paper in such a lovely poetic way, my dear !!

  8. I love this stuff! Fantastic colors and finds and makings. Glad to see you having fun!

  9. Wow. The fabrics are fabulous… and the card, fantastic!

  10. Enjoying the searching journey for sure and the results. Yipee!

  11. There is something about rust and patina that always speaks to me.
    Lovely linens and your books are wonderful wonderful too!
    I am wondering is you hand stamped the words?
    Lucky friend to receive your gift.

  12. beautiful journal and words-I love how the paint colors and blends seem to mimic your finds to me.

  13. What is the draw to found objects?
    I don’t know, but I love it!!

  14. You had me at rusty bits and cooking pieces for art. That’s my kind of cooking. Your accordion book is so beautiful and colorful. I’m in love!!

  15. I’ve always enjoyed coming across little treasures while going for a walk. Fun to see what you found. I was at a museum today, and in amongst a photography exhibit was a beautiful photo looking through a window to a building with other windows. It almost looked like a painting. I right away thought of your Through My Window art journal theme. I don’t keep a journal (at the moment), but I will include the photo in my next post.

  16. like the beach treasures. what do you suppose the metal piece was! a soap dish???

  17. Very creative and out-of-the-ordinary projects. Love the beach findings!

  18. It’s fun to see what you found. I’m always looking at the ground wherever I go, hoping to see something interesting to incorporate in my art work 🙂

    Happy Sunday!

  19. Beautiful and magical. Love it!!!!!

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