Through My Window – September Theme for Art Journal Journey

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This month I have the great pleasure of creating the theme for Art-Journal-Journey.  Through my window.  Through my window can be almost anything you can see.  The outer world, the inner world, the quick glance, the long view. A window to the soul. A window to the world.  For the theme I wrote a poem to go along with my pages.

Through my window I can see glimpses of the world open up to me.


Outer light, inner light.  Flower and plant, bird and bee.  A window of opportunity.


A breath of air, a rustle of wind, a feeling for the mood I’m in.


Each day the glimpse gets wider still, includes me into the view. Through my window.


My pages were made simply by printing out some photographs and using paper collage and color pencils and pens.


And of course a bit of thread to weave the story through my window.

I hope you enjoy the theme and I am anxious to see all the wonderful ways you will take it.  Thanks always to our wonderful hostesses Valerie and Susi for creating a place of true inspiration for us all.


  1. Wonderful pages, and so glad to have you with us at Art Journal Journey this month! Enjoy your month with us, we will enjoy having you with us. Hugs, Valerie

  2. I am thrilled to have you as our hostess for this month and I am very excited about your theme!
    A wonderful example for us!
    Thank you so much Corinne!

  3. Lovely…particularly your poem.

  4. Julie Mackinder says:

    Beautiful poem Corinne. Enjoy your journalling this month as always.

  5. Such a great theme especially for you Corrine being inspired by the wonderful garden views outside your window! Great page spread and love the thread that weaves!
    xox Suzy

  6. Susi and Valerie couldn’t have found a better host for the month, and you couldn’t have picked a better theme. Wonderful art and I learned a bit more about you (at AJJ), too. We got art and poetry all rolled into one spread!

  7. Great topic! I can’t wait to see what people create. And I love your spread. Your poem is the perfect background for the page your created!

  8. Beautiful window glimpses you’ve created. Words are lovely, too.

  9. I like this a lot, Corrine. You still inspire me to create. I don’t know where the summer has gone and I have yet to paint much. I’ve done some work in my journal, though. I guess some is better than none. There is much to see out the windows, if only we take the time to look.

  10. Hello Corrine,
    a variety of different sides to this
    great topic – I like that very well.

  11. What a great prompt… and I love your take on it… xox

  12. Beautiful page and wonderful reminders of the little things 🙂

  13. Hello there Corrine…I see you in your window.
    Really enjoyed reading this post and of course getting to enjoy your journal pages too.
    You have my wheels turning for this new AJJ challenge…it’s a good one.

  14. The words and colors are super!

  15. Corrine, congratulations on being selected to create a journal theme. The one you chose allows for endless possibilities.

  16. you decided for a wonderful theme this month and the starting sample is marvellous! love all the Colors and bits and pieces!

  17. Beautiful window, and beautiful You! Thank you for sharing!

  18. An original theme, and an original work of art and poem too.
    What more could we ask for?
    I like that you have included yourself in your window.

  19. I love the depth all your layers of collaged paper gave to your piece. Blessings!

  20. i love your page window,love the words and all images,so lovely.

    oxo jenny

  21. Wonderful view through your window!! Love that photo of you as well! xo

  22. Love the peek into your journal, and through your window.

  23. Beautiful artjournal pages and I LOVE your poem!

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