Changing Perspective

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Shifting the studio last evening to a more open space, I became acutely aware of changing perspective.  Looking at my space with new eyes to see what felt right, what felt true.  The more I looked the more intrigued I became at seeing objects and views from a changing perspective, just as I am changing in my internal view of the world.  On the edge, at an angle, altered color, blessings and grace.


A composition by accident in my notebook


Notebooks on the shelf


Exploring color over and over


Reading between the lines


The oblique view


Collage, paint and stitch on paper bag


A tangle of threads and scraps


The bluest silk moire


paper woven


wood, color and texture, a mystery slot


Words to investigate


Full of grace.


  1. I’m in love with your stack of painted papers….delish!

  2. It all looks luscious! xo

  3. It’s always good to being change into our ambiance and minds. Love all the colourful threads, papers and books, very inspiring. Hugs, Valerie

  4. I find myself standing in the door way of my ‘soon to be’ craft room and just looking… or walking around it … feeling it out… what feels good… what feels right… When the time comes what should go where… And then i realize nothing is set in stone… I can set it one way and then change my mind… As long as i get the ‘bones’ right everything else can be moved around so …………breathe…… 🙂 Love seeing that stack of journals……..great picture.Played with color myself this evening …. soon the results will turn into a postcard.. 🙂 Hugs! deb

  5. wonderful photos. liked the ceiling boards in the oblique view! you have done some amazing things since first we met at squam! yea!

  6. A change of perspective changes everything! Your photos show little works of art all around your studio!

  7. Love the way you “see”. Xo

  8. kampysgirl says:

    The inspiration in your space is so beautiful and the way you reflect upon it is the same! Thanks so much for sharing my friend! xo

  9. So much beauty , you books looks AMAZING dear Corrine, ans I love your paper collages ,and the sewn one ,too-so much inspiration from your world, to mine.-thank you Xxx

  10. I just love your notebooks with all the colours. Would be great to be able to have a look in there and enjoy all the love you put in there. That tangle of threads and scraps looks intriguing too!

  11. All those fab angles of color and style. Love

  12. What an incredible perspective you have created. These views are amazing. I was most impressed with the scraps and stitches. Of course, that blue was stunning, too.

    Sorry I’m so late visiting. My electricity was knocked out for much of the day because of a thunder and lightening storm that came through here overnight.

  13. ‘full of holes and full of grace’ rings deeply with me dear Corrine as does the rest of your post… change is a constant isn’t it

  14. So beautiful! and graceful!

  15. Love this post. It is very alluring. And makes me want to pull out something different to work on!

  16. wonderful impressions! and such a great variety…

  17. Those stacked journals! And love all the color. It’s fun to ‘unearth’ things in the studio..

  18. You sound like you are at a really good place in life right this moment… I am so happy for you! Love the perspective theme and all your glorious photos.

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