Stitching A Life

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My fingers are stiff from stitching.  Stitching a life becomes me and I become it.  I dream of stitching. Stitching my dreams into some cohesive long poem of living, I stitch here and there and write furiously in my notebook. Make sketches of ideas to stitch and write and stitch some more. The wild thing has emerged and there is no going back inside.  Thank you Sandra Brownlee.

IMG_6346The start of something on the machine with leftovers and paper


Section by section the work begins on a vintage tea towel


An idea not yet formed


Something old, something new 20+ hours of hand stitching later(and a bit of the machine) and more to come that will combine and be all about using up the leftovers, the discards, the throwaways.


Eat the weavings and you will fall asleep?  Whatever it means, whatever wildness sent it to me, it will ring my neck when it’s finished.

Stitching a life.




  1. I really enjoy all your spontaneous stitching.

  2. A very interesting work, you are pouring your heart into it. Hugs, Valerie

  3. Julie Mackinder says:

    I love the way you’re working, Corinne. Have you heard of Julia Caprara? Sadly she passed in 2008 but she made some amazing works by layering stitch and yarns/threads of different weights to build up a beautiful surface. Your circular piece reminded me of her.

  4. I’m loving this

  5. Nancy Pike says:

    Exciting to see your enthusiasm and creativity!!

  6. Aside from the fact I can’t hand stitch (I have NO pinch grip due to my arthritis type birth defect), you have given me an idea of how I can use some of those ribbons and such I’m desperately wanting to find a use for. Your work is wonderful, wildly imaginative, and fun. I am in LOVE with that circular piece, and can see it being adapted to machine stitch. Thanks for inspiring me!

  7. you are possessed and isn’t it fun love seeing other people taken over by their work!

  8. Wow, what a gorgeous piece you showed-the circle one- I love it. Give your fingers a little rest but don’t stop stitching!

  9. I love art with with texture, especially if it makes you want to touch it. Your round piece does just that. Makes me want to touch it.

  10. Your “stitching a life” translates so beautifully here for us dear Corrine.
    Thank you for sharing your passion and heART.

  11. i can see how deep you are into this… and i fully understand…

  12. Gosh this is all sooo beautiful! Gorgeous Corinne!
    Happy weekend!

  13. Your use of “loose” panels of fabric, is a great idea, and the life story will melt into this gathering of different fabrics patterns, and big and small ones , as our lives are also a gathering of different patterns, and all kind of big and small happenings.
    I love your red “bird” in its wonderful big nest Corrine , it looks as it is waiting for compagny, there !!
    Dorthe, xx

  14. kampysgirl says:

    How wonderful Corrine!! What a beautiful piece and those French knots are added yumminess! I am sorry you are sore-but the results-mmm you can’t deny are worth it! “) xo

  15. LOVE your colors here!
    Love your ideas, as always!

  16. Your stitching is like no other, I love the way you are combining all these little pieces here.

  17. Gorgeous pics! Love when any arting comes into your dreams – your dreams of stitching make me smile – hope you have loads more and a super creative day.

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