Nzabakumbuye (I will miss you all) A poem, words made visible

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As Jennifer so aptly summed up in her post today, Day 4 of Sandra Brownlee’s Tactile Notebooks and the Written word was about a group of women who had not met before coming together to bring words to life in a poem that they created together.  A powerful exercise in community that is rare and sacred.  A circle of women, storytellers all who worked together create a magical space on a sheep fence line in a field of green and sun and wind.

Nzabakumbuye means “I will miss you all”in Rwandan.  A place dear to our host Nancy Zeller’s heart. A place she has chosen to send her heart time and again. That same heart created the space for us to come together and this word was one Nancy shared for our poem.  One line in our Fence Lines struck me and it was:

Homecoming, nzabakumbuye, words left.  I felt like I was coming home and upon leaving, I will miss you all and words left there at this place for everyone to remember. Such power for me in this phrase, I feel ever so grateful and lucky that I came to this place in this time to experience these women and their gifts which were bountiful.


A magical place


The journey taking us to experience the land


To all the fence line had to offer each and every day.


Mystical sun


Smiling stones


Birth and re-birth


Words to create and words to keep


A poem that touched us all in ways we  don’t yet understand. Thank you Sandra for this exercise. This stretching of our limbs and minds.


A way to remember by bringing some earth back home in my notebook colored with crayons.  Words left.


  1. You created a visual poem with your photos. They wisp me right back there. Thank you for that.

  2. What a special magical time and place. Thank you for sharing it through your words and pictures.

  3. yes, jennifer is right, i went right back. thank you.

  4. These kinds of experiences can really change the way we view things. Sounds like you got a lot out of it. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Wonderful photos, thanks for sharing, hugs, Valerie

  6. thank you for sharing those wonderful photos! glad to know it all worked out!

  7. An amazing magical place! Thank you for sharing this beautiful photos Corinne!

  8. wow wow wow … wonderful doesn’t quite describe it … does it?!!!

  9. Wow- You must be glad you went even though you weren’t sure before you went. The place looks gorgeous and a great place to spend some time.

  10. pamelaarts says:

    Yes, a visual poem — lovely! And your place looks just wonderful.

  11. Carolyn Dube says:

    Such a sacred and soul filling time!

  12. An absolutely enchanting post. What a special time for you.

  13. Nancy Pike says:

    Beautiful photos that embody our days at Long Ridge Farm! Thank you!

  14. that sounds and looks very intrigueing. Love how that word means a whole sentence ….

  15. A visual poem that was transformed right before my eyes and onto my computer screen. What a wonderful journey you have shared with us, and what beautiful photos you took. I loved the idea that the poem everyone created touched you in ways you have yet to understand.

  16. Oh Corrine, this beautiful week, will stay in your heart forever, I know after reading your words, of love- hope ,cohesion and privations, after returning home to everyday chores !! x,Dorthe

  17. Sounds and looks mystical and magical.

  18. Oh, I love the notebook with crayons!!

  19. Okay, wow. Amazing.

  20. I am playing catch up with you (not sure how I missed so much!) and as it turned out I read this post from bottom to top and it read so beautifully and profoundly.
    Thank you for sharing some of the magic of this beautiful gathering and place.

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