Post Workshop Process

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Beginning the process of filtering after last week’s intense workshop with Sandra Brownlee “Tactile Notebooks and the Written Word”.  One idea at a time.

The workshop was held at Long Ridge Farm in Westmoreland, NH.  A magical place where Nancy Zeller and her husband have called upon the spirits to bless that land with their good energy.  Those same spirits shined upon us all week.  This group of women coming together created such sacred space, a barge to rock us all into singing with our intuitive voices to move through the journey on the barge and off of it as Sandra would say, exploring our own paths.  Exactly the right place and the right time to begin a new journey forward with the work.

So many feelings, ideas, wanderings, weavings of stories are moving through me at the moment that I will share one page of found poetry and stitch that I made last week.  It speaks for itself.  More to come…







  1. Carolyn Dube says:

    Sounds like an amazing workshop! Love your found poetry pages!

  2. It sounds like a perfect place to be at peace with the world and most important, with yourself. Glad you enjoyed it, and good to see the wonderful art you were inspired to make there!

  3. Nice! The little peek you gave us today is gorgeous. Can’t wait to see more.

  4. Judy Shea says:

    This sounds like a wonderful place and workshop with lovely ladies.

  5. Gosh i just love the colors Corrine… YUM! Hugs! deb

  6. This sounds like the perfect workshop and exactly what you needed. I was in awe of this spread and loved the handstitching you created as part of this beauty. Even the found words were appropriate. Great job. I’ll watch for more, but I won’t be around tomorrow. Will hopefully catch up on Thursday.

  7. OMG…that’s just wonderful. LOVE those pages.

  8. so nice to hear you had a wonderful Workshop and retreat in beautiful surroundings… great spread you Show us today. love the stitching (of course…) and the words are a great find and perfect for this. eager to see more;)
    xo, johanna

  9. Sounds like your workshop was just wonderful!! I really love the pages that you have created from it- beautiful found words with your art!! xoxo

  10. You made amazing art there! I am happy to hear that it was so nice!
    Always wonderful to enjoy a good workshoptime!!


  11. looks wonderful! glad it all worked out! please show us more.

  12. Oh so very beautiful and poetic dear Corrine -I love what you created in the meeting with other likeminded wemen and in that spiritual place . The words are so wonderful there, and your handsewed piece, stunning .
    Dorthe, x

  13. Wow Corrine- It sounds like you have had a truly transformational experience !

  14. wonderful that you had such an amazing workshop experience…
    this artwork is beautiful with the flowing words and more ♥

  15. Art friends are SO much fun!
    I like putting found poetry on my pages,too.
    I am going to add stitches next time!
    Thanks for the idea…!

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