The Muses are In

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Have you ever thought about the muses, how they come to you, how they change, how life, time and experience bring you different muses and how they effect the affect of how the work shapes itself?

I’ve a project in the works that I’ll share later, but I’ve been exploring the muses and what is gifted to me, what comes out in unexpected ways and what is pulling it all together for me at the moment.  It’s all a building this work of ours, whatever it may be that hopefully, hopefully as we get a bit older, more wiser???, and crone-like, we begin to see that it’s still building, all the way to the end of  our time and we have an opportunity to experience every moment no matter how old we are.  We just need to take it.

So this morning I walked around and took photos of all the muses in the room, so to speak.  Some here in reality, some captured in photos and thought it would be fun to share.  This is by no means every, or even a tiny fraction of what stirs me to create, but it was a marvelous exercise in noticing and being in the moment.

The muses are in…

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  1. Love your collection of muses, lots of inspiration there. My big inspiration is always being outside and taking in the light and colour and things I see. Have a great day, hugs, Valerie

  2. Great collection of photos, all perfect for Instagram.
    My inspiration comes from goodness knows where and from making art, both of which suggest more ideas.

  3. Wonderful text and beautiful photos of art and muse…. you are so right with what you write here!
    Happy Sunday dear Corinne.. I missed some of your posts I saw… was a bit busy the last days since my studio is nearly ready to move in.


  4. Love your muses Corrine. Great photos. And of course Ella is a muse. She came out 3 times the other day!!!! Spreading her arty spirit to our fabric painting. Ha-ha. Enjoy your class next week and can’t wait to see the finishes muse.

  5. Wonderful muses from your everyday life, dear Corrine. I love when muses are around us, and we don`t need to search for them, as then they normallly hide !!
    So true that they change over time, and thereby also our works changes .A beautiful in words, too, post !!

  6. You have certainly called on many muses for this post. Loved seeing the face in the glass shard. This is a fantastic post, and I was thrilled that the comment section was legible!

    BTW, I think I’ve lost a muse or two. I may borrow some inspiration from yours!

  7. Interesting muses, its sometimes only when we take time to stop and really look that we are aware of our inspiration.
    Thanks for your commet, pleased you liked ‘her’ pink dress!

  8. Great collection of a-muse-ments! xo

  9. Oh i hope your right about the muses building as we age… But i know several older crafty women who just stop creating….. it no longer interested them…. ofcourse at my age ( in my 40’s) I just don’t understand that…and i hope my muse stays with me until the day i die… Love seeing your muses Corrine!

  10. pamelaarts says:

    How lovely — loved seeing your many muses (and especially that photo of you and your father). I have lots of muses too but didn’t think of taking photos of them. Good idea. Maybe I will do that too. xo

  11. Julie Mackinder says:

    Interesting to see your collection of muses Corinne. It would be a useful exercise to try sometime. Wonder what I would come up with?

  12. Meggymay says:

    A wonderful collection of muses, so much inspiration around us when we take time to look.
    Yvonne x

  13. Lovely post and your “muse” photos are super!
    I too find inspiration all around me and in me just waiting to emerge.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Happy August
    Happy Summer time

  14. wonderful photos! it is good to take a closer look at the many things that inspire us! and I am sure you could come up with many more! we should all make that list and keep it handy for a day we are feeling dull!

  15. so much to look at to inspire. love the dad pic. muse on, my friend.

  16. a great exercise… thanks for sharing

  17. What wonderful photos you have shared ,Corrine! Of course I love the one of you and you dad! all of the photos evoke a creative sense of stir! thank you so much for sharing your muses- and yes,Miss Ella is of course a muse! heehee xoxo

  18. Nice post! I’m inspired to get my house in order so I can “see” muses. Camp end this past Monday. Back to my real life, very happy!

  19. great post, and so true!! love your take on the ephemeral muse!! xox

  20. i so much love this post!! great photos for the variety of muses which accompany us, you present them brilliantly! i envy you for the encouragement by your dad, mine would never have cherished or nourished my creativity, so i had to develop it later on myself. but according to Tom robbins “it is never too late to have a happy childhood”. i hope my joy in creating will never stop and no illness can Keep me off… and that is what i´m wishing for you, too. xox

  21. So hearttouching to see your daily muses! They so inspire us to create and have an impact on the outcome! My fav´s are dad, Ella and Flat Marta!

  22. Stumbled on your blog, and enjoyed your words and work. I’ve used a lot of different mediums in my art over the years. So much in the day to day that inspires. I noticed on your about page that you like Steely Dan and Joni Mitchell. My top picks as well.

  23. A fabulous variety of images to inspire! reminds me that I need to be paying closer attention to my surroundings…thank you!

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