Lots of this and None of that

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Summer is catching up with me, busy with guests, family, work, painting endless barn boards to be installed later, grandkids coming, workshop looming and I haven’t touched my art journal in over a week.  Head barely above water, but some stitching going on for a project I’ll share in full later.  Here are some glimpses of life around here.


Looking at you WIP


More WIP on cradled panels


Workshop packing, luscious Italian cotton embroidery threads and silk cording.


Thread, wool and more stitching.

The listener, I haven’t even shared her yet, not sure she’s done – big doll.


Did I say thread?  More thread.

IMG_6063Found on my beach walk today. Even more thread.


Life sure is busy, summer fleeting and I’m up to my ears in it all.



  1. That looks like a beautiful life!

  2. Carolyn Dube says:

    This sounds like a magical summer..well maybe not the barn board painting…but everything else!

  3. Lots of wonderful work and that doll is great. Looking forward to seeing more of our projects, hugs, Valerie

  4. Ah.. so many dolls in the house now, including YOU! All good things going on in Maine. Seems like you are creative, with our without the journal. Carry on.

  5. I know how you feel Corrine, most of my July was spend with my family and grandkids, and we had a wonderful time together,…only I feel so much I`m not 25 years anymore ,lol- so I`m tired and feel used…wonder if that is the same for you dear?.
    Such beautiful photoes, love your WIP on panels, and that gorgeous doll, not to speak of all the great yarns, what workshop are you attending? Have fun , collect more beautiful beach finds, and try to relax in between.
    Hug from Dorthe

  6. joarty1 says:

    Your dolls are just the ants pants! Lov’em.

  7. I could send you a few more projects if you like! one mustn’t be lounging about! you know you like it this way!

  8. But it would be so boring if it wasn’t busy. Love your photos, and how nice to have a quiet listener. She doesn’t require being let out, fed or cleaning up after. That’s the best kind, but somehow it would be hard to give up the dogs. see you Wednesday.

  9. Nancylee says:

    Well, you are having fun!
    I hope Quiet Listener doesn’t tell secrets later
    that she has heard…

  10. This is a fun busy time of year as opposed to the plain old busy time in the winter. Looks like you are having fun in various directions. I bought a big box of threads and wool tapestry skeins at a garage sale the other day. Like I needed more but I couldn’t resist for $3.00 plus there was a nice work frame and other stuff. Enjoy your summer, we have family coming tomorrow.

  11. kampysgirl says:

    Thank you for the glimpses- it is good to know I am not the only one who is having the same sort of summer! What ever happened to those lazy, hazy…days of summer? oops, we are experiencing the crazy, with pretzels and pop here!! heehee xo

  12. Love your selection of pearl cottons, great subtle colours.
    “The Listener” has Style, she may not be conventionally pretty but nobody cares, she has her very own Personality.
    If we didn’t have too much to do would we invent something else to do?

  13. Hi Corrine,
    What a gorgeous doll – she looks so much like you doll! hehe!
    Love all those delicious yarns gathered there and the stitching yes is looks gorgeous!
    Now don’t run yourself too ragged – leave some for using on your dolls!!!
    xox Suzy
    Ps thanks for the comment about my new class!
    So exciting!

  14. sounds like a wonderful summer… the listener is great, oh i think i Need one too as i start talking to myself since the Kids are out of the house;) and the first pic looks like a face, too?
    happy ongoing summer, corrine!

  15. Love those Italian embroidery threads especially! xo

  16. Keep enjoying your beautiful life Corrine!
    I appreciate you sharing all these special threads of time and creativity.

  17. I love these color-packed photos and have been enjoying your posts on FB and IG too. Happy Summer!

  18. Beautiful and inspiring summer, Corrine. Big hugs to you!

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