She waited for the post

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I’ve been taking Mystele’s bonus course “Simple Visual Linking” on Community Thrive.  I love her work and she always inspires me with her process.  I thought I would combine it with the Postal theme at Art-Journal-Journey and come up with a page to practice my “linking” skills.  I took some progress shots along the way so you could see where I started and where my process led me.  She waited for the post…


Here is the final page and the step out is below.



  1. joarty1 says:

    Thanks for the progress shots…. always interesting.

  2. Gosh, this is terrific.
    I seriously love it, but it is a bit worrying too – why is she looking so anxious with her crossed arms? what is she waiting for? and I also have to laugh – look at her hair and purple nose.
    and the title “She waited for the post” and the post box is sitting beside her like a little post robot. And the addition of the washi tape and postage stamp….
    There’s a lot in this.

  3. pamelaarts says:

    She is worried she won’t get any mail!!! That is me! xo

  4. We all just want to get happy mail, that’s all. She is planted in waiting. Reminds me she has curlers in her hair.

  5. the postman must be late and she has to leave for an appointment! grr !

  6. Love seeing the process. It is fascinating to see the choices made along the way. <3 the colors and how they work together.

  7. Boy, does she look impatient. She must be getting something good. Maybe some fabric dye from Dharma Trading. Ha-ha! I’ll have to check out this class.

  8. Nice work, she must be waiting for some BIG news. Love all the details, Thanks for joining us at Art Journal Journey, hugs, Valerie

  9. She is so lovely and I so hope she gets her post soon!
    Great page dear Corinne ! Fabulous colors and composition ..and most of all I liker her hair and nose!
    Happ new week Corinne! Thank you very much for another brilliant POST piece linked to Art Journal Journey!

  10. johanna says:

    this is hilarious!! i love how you built the layers and her hair is wonderful!
    actually we had a massive post strike here and some of us possibly looked like her LOL!!

  11. I have a favorite spot! lol Bottom left hand corner…. I love how those colors look with her skirt. 🙂 Lovely piece Corrine! Hugs! deb

  12. I fell in love with your lady the moment I caught just a glimpse of her on Facebook, Corrine! Nice to watch the buildup of layers in your take-out shots. Love all the detail, too, especially her waistband! Well done, my friend!

  13. Love the postal theme. Yep, she looks like she’s waiting on something in that box !
    Love your layers too.
    Hope your 4th was a delight !

  14. I love artwork with a story. And here it really is as we all can make it:) I made mine and it’connected to “date ad” ;))
    I love the colours which you used, this is super lovely, fun art piece♥

  15. I absolutely love this! It really speaks to you – very clever.

  16. Carolyn Dube says:

    She is waiting, but waiting beautifully with that pop of blue on the eyes- perfect! Love the step outs too!

  17. Beautiful colors, lovely collage and I like that girl. Your work is unique Corrie

  18. kampysgirl says:

    Oh Corrine! This is a marvelous page!! There is such a sense of story to it( which you intended,I’m sure!) One of my new favs! xo

  19. Beautiful and sweet!

  20. What a great colorful backround for this post-lady! Ulrike

  21. This is great fun Corrine and it’s wonderful that you are taking Mystele’s class. I love her work too and have one of her originals from a few years back. She is a kind heart too…like you. xoxo

  22. Such a great story this piece tells Corrine!
    Love it in every detail.
    I can relate to your girl too.

  23. My cup of tea! Love the vivid colours and the waiting lady!

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