The Couple

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Using up leftover paint from the brush and some ink, I found him in the background and drew her in to make up the couple.







Kind of funny, kind of tense too.  Acrylics, pen, pastels and crayons.  Linking to AJJ.


  1. Hi Corrine, love your colourful couple, I am sure they go well together! Thanks for joining us again at Art Journal Journey, hugs, Valerie

  2. joarty1 says:

    Well suited…that’s a relationship that will last…haha.

  3. They work so so well for AJJ! Always love how you capture so much energy in your marks- especially in the hair in these two today!

  4. Some say that couples align their look over the years….and now I can say it is true! I mean look they look like beautiful twins! Very charming!

  5. They are so “out there”. Hope they are in love.

  6. I was wondering if they were having an argument, but changed my mind until I saw how you felt about them.

    I really like their hair, though. If nothing else, they look compatible.

  7. My first impression was a robot couple. And they could be. Colorful and very ready to serve who ever owns them. Or they could just be frazzled because they are refinishing an old farm house and just sold their old house and having to move…ha-ha! I love how their lack of emotion really causes us viewers to have an emotional response.

  8. A wonderful couple… they are UNIQUE!
    Thanks for linking them to Art Journal Journey Corinne!
    Have a great new week!

  9. it is fun to see the different impression people get! I guess its all based on our own experiences. my take is a couple that each has a different opinion on what to do next!

  10. I know that vibrant ,wonderful girl, and can see she fount her soul friend-they fancy each other very much !!! They are so great Corrine -xo

  11. they look bewildered….. As if they’ve just heard something and are kind of processing what exactly it was. I think they fit each other perfectly 🙂

  12. Meggymay says:

    These two seem a real colourful pair, super pages and so vibrant.

  13. kampysgirl says:

    Your colors are simply gorgeous Corrine!! And I am digging her blue streaks! xo

  14. A couple of really cool characters that were just waiting to emerge!

  15. Nancylee says:

    oh, wow, i wonder where they live…
    maybe in the forest somewhere?

  16. They both match together so well. Fantastic colours and expression!

  17. She looks like a super successful career girl, she’s got style and knows it.
    I think he looks like her Dad.
    She’s got his hair, eyes and eyebrows, but maybe her mother’s mouth.

  18. Sue The Iron says:

    I love these great colours and full of life xx

  19. Love to hear the convo between these too.

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