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“His dream was to live larger than life.  But he remains a prisoner of his own timidity.”

I carved some stamps on Monday and wanted to test them out as  a background in my art journal, I then covered them over with some of my own painted papers and saw this tiny figure emerge from the rectangular frame.  As I began to sketch out a simple form the quote came to me about being prisoners of our own making.  How we sabotage ourselves by being afraid.  So his larger than life self is a big personality, but also a bit intimidating.  Living your soulful dreams sure can be intimidating.  Fear is a natural path to growth. The critic is somewhere in all of this on on side the angel of protection and the other side the devil of inaction.  I guess balance is the middle.  What do you think?


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Who are you?


The two sides of ourselves



Larger than life or timid in his box


Large and a bit frightening


stamped background with close ups.



The stamps, another shown that I did not use in this spread.IMG_5764


  1. Your stamps are lovely, just right for backgrounds. Great journal pages, and that really is a good question. So often we stand in the way of ourselves because he get cold feet, or don’t trust ourselves enough! Hugs, Valerie

  2. Cool stamps. They make a great background!!!! And I like the quote. I feel that way sometimes too but I am hoping (ha-ha) I’m quite so knobby kneed like your adorable figure..

  3. Great stamping backgrounds. Life is scary sometimes. Getting out of our shells is intimidating.

  4. Soulful true words and poignant journal pages.

  5. Nice stamps did you carve – useful for many things for sure!
    Your spread ist very fancy and thought provoking-
    Yes I also stand often in the way od myselve.
    But life is also learning and growing … hope your Mister here will make it all right in the end!
    Thanks a lot for another fab entry for Art Journal Journey Corinne!

  6. joarty1 says:

    LOVE those stamps!

  7. I love your new stamps, Corrine, especially the orange one but, then, perhaps it’s just the color that drew me in. I am having my own struggles with bravery these days, so I can really relate to your art and your message today. Thank you, my dear friend!

  8. pamelaarts says:

    Definitely good stamps!

  9. kampysgirl says:

    very cool stamps!! You are so creative,Corrine!! I think everyone can relate to his message at one time or another, and another…
    hoping you aren’t having the rains like we have;it’s been wreaking havoc on my husbands gardens!! xo

  10. the stamps are great! carving is a good way to get rid of that timidity! if you don’t like them you can always turn them over and carve something else better!

  11. I am sure you are right, that trying to stay in the middle would give us less harm, and less problems ,but it would also take away a lot of experiences, and the wonderful hours, we have when doing what lies in the soul, and staying with that ,it we only could . I am mostly the timid one in my box, I`m afraid !!
    Your stamps are great Corrine, and looks amaxing in use, and going back to the timid one, I`m happy he has all the angels dancing around him ,so very fast that we can only see their halos !! I love your thoughts, and how you create around them !! xx

  12. GREAT stamps! xox

  13. Love the idea of dueling selves. May the brave one win.

  14. I suppose we are both, depending on the times and circumstances.
    Great thought-provoking art and how fascinating that it came from trying out your stamps, but then that is often how it can happen.

  15. Beautiful stamps Corrine. God I love your art! It’s exhilarating and real and raw. You haVE PUT THE REALITY ON THE PAPER FOR US SMACK IN OUR FACE…i LOVE IT. Our fight is usually the internal one…art is our therapy, as long as we just keep DOING IT!

  16. This spread is awesome !!!! Loooove!!

  17. Balance is definitely a tricky thing and ego gets in the way of so much I find.
    Fear Less * Love More is something I remind myself often.
    Your pages are super especially with your latest carved stamps!
    Happy Weekend to you and yours oxo

  18. wonderful stamps for so many occasions! and a good Quote, so true… i think everybody know this experience!

  19. Beautiful and meaningful work!

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