She listened to messages

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She listened to messages from the universe to let her know when it was okay to speak.


IMG_5723The world of the introvert, inside her own world, waiting to feel like she belongs.  Feminine, intuitive, fearful too, but with deep longing.

Magazine collage, paint, pens, glitter, tissue, digital typography.  Linking to Masculine/Feminine at Art-Journal-Journey.



  1. Is this me? could be.

  2. froebelsternchen says:

    I love your spread Corinne.. this is amazing and expressiv..GORGEOUS!
    Thank you for joining us with such a fab entry for Art Journal Journey!


  3. Love this – I think we are all always listening for those special messages. Thanks for joining us again at Art Journal Journey, Hugs, Valerie

  4. joarty1 says:

    I do that….the listening thing. Looks like we all do.

  5. Words that speak to me along with beautiful art…

  6. Glitter can be a fun accent. I especially like the hair. Soon she will have much to say!

  7. Linda K says:

    oooh with all that vibrant, happy color she will be speaking up in no time!

  8. Meggymay says:

    Awesome bright colours and such a thought provoking page and quote.

  9. listening is the hardest part! perhaps she will find an answer!!!

  10. Great spread Corrine. I love how the quote and how you portrayed it. Did the quote or the layout come to mind first? I hope the universe speaks to her without having to wait too long for the message.

  11. Such a meaningful, intense spread!

  12. johanna says:

    speaks to me… can resonate… a wonderful spread!

  13. It’s not always easy to listen, especially when you are already planning your response! But, for the introvert, it’s a double whammy! Beautiful art, Corrine, with a valid point!

  14. She doesn’t look at all well. I hope she gets a message soon (or goes out to look for one, poor thing).
    An intriguing painting/collage, Corrine.

  15. Beautiful words… I, an introvert, can indeed relate. xo

  16. Love the sentiment and the way you expressed it. Those colours really make me happy….

  17. Beautifully expressed Corrine. xoxo

  18. Taking all in, trying to select right from wrong, before letting things out again !!! I know ! wonderful spread, Corrine -xx

  19. kampysgirl says:

    Great spread Corrine- leaves me listening and thinking as well~ xo

  20. So Beautiful and touching

  21. Very obedient girl!

  22. What a beautiful and intense journal spread. I love the originality and the heartfelt nature of it. It’s so different and I love that. Thank you for stopping by my blog too. It’s been lovely to meet you and see your art. xxx

  23. Beautiful and powerful pages that speak to the introvert in me oxo

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