Pattern Play

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Washi, torn papers, rubber stamps a bit of pattern play in blue, orange and red.  Keeping my hand in whilst I sort out all my stuff, again, for now.





IMG_5681Rain soaking everything today and wind moving mist around.  Salt smell at the beach, blue and white pottery shard, whiffle ball with red markings, coca cola red bottle cap, picking up trash, muscle shells black and blue – it all comes out in the wash(i).



  1. Nice!!! Like the pages — and wish we had rain.

  2. A great day to be creative. Nice.

  3. Nancy S. says:

    Ahh, wonderful colors (as always)!
    We are supposed to have rain all week.

  4. You have some awesomely awesome washi tapes. I can certainly appreciate the blues and the rain. Just saw on local tv that we had 11.77 inches of rain for May, which was the second rainiest month ever. Sure hope your rain doesn’t last as long as it has here. If it does, I bet we see lots more sorting and art.

  5. Bright, fun page! Hugs, Valerie

  6. gorgeous patterns and variety on those pages!
    We had much rain here as well!
    And now as the sun comes the insects are her…lol!
    Happy June Corinne..with sunny days for you!

  7. wonderful result of a rainy day… love the Color Combo!

  8. I love It the colors are my favs! thanks for the morning smile!

  9. Looks gorgeous, with all the blue colours, and the fantastic way you mixed with orange , red and black. I love finding things on the beach, too, Corrine,- wish you sunny day, tomorrow !!

  10. I love this! Fab colors! xoxo

  11. Wonderful colours! My all time favourites 🙂

  12. Your color palette really speaks to me (I am such a sucker for blues).
    Your beach treasures sound so interesting and I’m sure you are finding lots of treasures in your stash too 🙂
    Happy June

  13. Still smiling at your very last comment, Corrine! I love humor! And I love patterns, especially when they collide! Still raining here.Jake and are have been trapped in the trailer for two days now….grrrrrrr!

  14. What fun you have with your free creating, one day I’ll be let loose and will make something (larger) inspired by your free mind.

  15. Beautiful!

  16. Oh, I like these pages designed with tapes inspired by the rain. I hope you can create similar pages in sun-colors soon!

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