Paper Purge

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The purge has begun.  Today I tackled my paper stash.  I have been surrounded by boxes filled with plastic bags of various papers.  In my delusion I figured jumbo plastic bags would let me see everything better, but it was such a jumble that I could never find the vintage photos, or tissue papers, or hand-painted papers.  It was all a jumble of groups of papers from particular times in my cabinet, on my cabinet and on my shelves.


Big Mess!!!

What I got rid of:  Scrapbook paper of any kind I packed in ziplock bags to take to the thrift.  Bitsy scraps of this and that filled two full bags for recycling.  Chipboard boxes for recycling, there will always be more if I need one or two, not twenty or more.

What I kept:  My own hand painted papers although I did recycle more than half maybe even 2/3.  Vintage papers and photos- have enough to last a lifetime now that they are in one place.  Tissue papers.  Hand made papers.  Some press on lettering to keep for journaling.  Some magazine pages for dream boards, journaling and maybe another wall some day.

Since I was able to end up with four clear boxes and one cardboard box for my shelves, I used the cabinet inside for my Big Shot and xyron machines, the tool shed.

In collage  sorting is part of the intuitive process nature for me but with all the papers in their own SEE THROUGH boxes, I can go to a box, pick out what I want, then return what’s not used or recycle it.  Here’s what’s left.


Cabinet looks alot better too.


My doll collection, some vintage books and a photo of my Dad and family members.

Two empty cardboard boxes, an empty plastic bin,  2 bags of recycling and some things to give away to the charitable thrift.  Feels pretty good.  Best of all I can find my papers now which opens so many doors.  Fabric next I think….




  1. It seems you have been busy! Well done you, your studio is really shaping up and someone is going to score at the thrift store. Your father is very handsome…

  2. Good for you. I am impressed. I started a bit last winter but I think the rest will need to wait for summer. Will get back to you on an art date, this week has been busy and I am trying to see how the next couple of weeks looks at work. Ah the end of school, but summer is coming up and I will have plenty of time then.

  3. melissa says:

    Nice job Corrine! I’ve been doing the same with my clothes. It’s been difficult at times but feels so good when you’re finished!

  4. amazing… I am really going to watch you purging… means I can almost fool myself that I dont need to do it lol

  5. kampysgirl says:

    well Done!! Onward and upward my friend! teehehee Heading out for a week of camping- I’ll be sending you relaxing Zen thoughts-xoxo

  6. Well done Corrine and I bet you too are feeling so cleansed with the process! It takes time and courage (well for me that is!!).

  7. pamelaarts says:

    I store my stuff in those same plastic boxes — pretty good system if you ask me! But I should be cleaning stuff out too…..

  8. Great system to store your papers. I need a similar one – just too many places now to search!

  9. I need to do this ~ have way too much stuff. I am finding it difficult to work on any collage art because I can’t find anything. It’s all piled on top of each other. ):

  10. Well done, and you still have more than enough. Good job! Hugs, Valerie

  11. Jo Murray says:

    Bravo!!!!! A good job.

  12. i like the idea of storing painted papers in the clear boxes, I too have been using ziplock bags and although you can see through them, the papers sometimes get unruly and fold up and waded. I think I may try your idea, thanks for the inspiration!

  13. I have been bitten by that clean up/shape up bug, too, Corrine! It’s a good thing to recycle, donate and begin again, isn’t it? Lookin’ good from here!

  14. You have truly been strong dear Corrine, oh my – so much you let go of, but I envy you, and will try to follow your path, in this, way of simplyifying the studio space ,lol. Looking so great and your dolls, too.
    Friday hug-Dorthe

  15. I salute you on a job well done Corrine.
    Having like things together is a great plan AND having things in see thru containers is really helpful too I find.
    I am a terrible paper hound but have been trying to pick away at papers here…
    it will take much more than just a few days … yup it’s that bad!
    Creative chaos LOL
    Everything looks great after your hard work.

  16. wow, you really did a great job. That had to feel great!

  17. funny you should mention this guess where I was today tossing paper, paper,paper plus cardboard , tissue you name it all the while thinking why did I bring so much when I packed to move. wont use it, don’t need it and I’m glad we were both sending each other thoughts!

  18. Oh how brave, I would think I might need it later.

  19. making space always makes me feel good. Well done!

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