Stick with me kid

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Stick with me kid, I’ll keep you safe in this fish tank.



Rainy Saturday play.  Stamping with hand carved stamps, acrylic and pastels.  Digital type.  Linking to Art Journal Journey and Mix it Monthly.


  1. Rainy Saturday play with rainy and stamps? How delightful!

  2. what great hand carved stamps. Its the perfect way to spend a rainy Saturday afternoon, too. I’ve been busy keeping water runoff out of my basement, so I would welcome someone to stick with me about now (grin).

  3. Love your fishy couple! Thanks for joining us at Moo Mania and More, Valerie

  4. Fabulous fishy spread dear Corinne..- reminds me on “Finding Nemo”
    Daddy fish says:
    Always stay at the fin…
    I always said this to my daughter as she was smaller and we crossed the road…
    Happy Sunday!
    Thank you for another fab spread to Art Journal Journey!♥♥♥
    We have rain today too… grrrr!

  5. Lovely, free, amusing and colourful. Daddy fish is so cool, I hope they escape one day to the Big Sea.
    I like your patterned “sea” with it’s fresh bubbles.

  6. Great titlee too.

  7. This I love, the pink fishes are wonderful, and their tank with sunny water and lovely bobbles is a fantastic background. Wonderful Corrine. x

  8. kampysgirl says:

    Great spread-love your fishies! “) xx

  9. Ha-ha. I don’t this these fish look frightening but you know, you can never tell with a fish. Great page!

  10. Wonderful fishes, dear Corinne! I love her look and the colours you used. And a wonderful realationship between mother and daughter 🙂
    Greetings from Erika

  11. good to see you’ve been carving! those fish look good enough to eat! are they tuna?

  12. This is gorgeous. Love the movement and the colours int his piece. And the words are so sweet…..

  13. a beautiful spread, and yes – the mother Thing… i remember so well;)
    i especially love the texture you created with the carved stamp!

  14. Great colorful pages Corrine and your carved stamps are just perfect too.
    Hello from rainy Virginia as I try and catch up with everyone.

  15. Your rainy day art is being enjoyed here (today) on a very sunny and warm day and is just as well received. Love your hand-carved stamps, Corrine! Make me think we need another play date!

  16. Great journal spread ~ love all the color and energy in it!

  17. I *heart* rainy day art. Wish we could hop over the puddles next time and spend a rainy day together.

  18. That´s why I love rainy days, haha! We can dive right into a funky fish tank and have fun 😉 So love the texture all the carved stamps give to it!

  19. sweet and beautiful. Your creativity inspires!

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