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Odd numbers are something I resonate with, maybe it’s the spiritual world or the plant world(plant in groupings 1, 3, 5, etc) that always brings me back to odds.  Or maybe I’m just odd and that makes me comfortable.  Odds surround me too, my birthday is a 7, my street is a 127, my mail is a 357, are you seeing a trend here…..all of my addresses as an adult have been odds too. Odds follow my so I shall follow them.  Nine.  Bright, lush, third eye kind of nine.

IMG_5544Except I do like squares, which are even.  Maybe that’s the balance point.  Ha.

IMG_5546 IMG_5547

Thanks to my friend Marjie for having a super sale on her stash.  Background stamps, my fave came from her. Check out her site, she is a most marvelous art journaling queen.


  1. I love the odd trend you are living. Go with it. I keep missing Marjie’s sale. I’m never quick enough.

  2. 9 works perfectly on this spread! Love it!

  3. 5 is my favorite number OH! and the number 23 is a favorite too… cause 2+3 = 5 lol… So maybe i’m an odd person too… 🙂 Love the colors here. They make me smile! Hugs! deb

  4. A beautiful page full of nines! Hugs, Valerie

  5. I love your art expression and words behind it!

  6. You’ve got me thinking now. Apart from my first home to age 3 and a short couple of years in a bad marriage at a number 52 I have always lived in odd numbered houses and my birthday is 27/7. I now live at number 9 and my birthdate adds up to 9 and this is the most content I have ever been in life. I am always counting (even the holes in my Crocs, 13) and I hadn’t noticed before that it is odd numbers that appeal. I love your happy page of nines and thank you for making me think 🙂

  7. Odd numbers are a key in design too, Corrine! Love this spread! Received the trash bubble over the weekend! What a delight! Thank you! 🙂

  8. so that explains it.. LOL and I all evens!! no wonder… opposites always attract!! xox ps.. love your happy springy piece..

  9. johanna says:

    oh, a sister in oddity;) my street number is 7, my birthday on a 27th, in the year of 57… *g*
    wonderful spread, love the lush Colors and all These circles.

  10. kampysgirl says:

    number 9,number 9…isn’t that what the Blue Meanies kept repeating? heehee
    Lovely page of nines-your palette is beautifully spring-like! xo

  11. I see a funny bird with a big beak , jumping around between wonderful baubles in gorgeous colours, I don`t know where that places me ,Corrine,- maybe I`m odd!! 🙂
    Dorthe, xo

  12. Love your odd numbers spread… odd numbers are artsy!
    This colors and layers make me happy Corinne!

  13. I am one who prefers odds when it comes to art. But I seem to have a thing for evens when it comes to my life, like my birthday is the 22nd, my house number is even and I’ve always had an even house number. Odd what happens when you start thinking about numbers, isn’t it? Or maybe it’s just me (grin).

    LOVE your nine. Nothing odd about that, except the number!

  14. I like how it’s even on one side odd on the other. It’s a weird rule composition wise to arrange only odd numbers of things. Definitely a rule to bend and break – but here you bent it and yielded to it all in one go.
    (loving the colors of joy as always)
    xoxo – kim

  15. Fun and colourful play on nine.
    The mirror(?) writing gives it an additional frisson.

  16. I have always found odd much more interesting than even, in most contexts! One of Russ’s favorite characters from Star Trek Voyager was called “7 of 9,” meaning her order in the births of her siblings. How cool is that?! I love your cheery journal spread here, Corrine. Pure sunshine to me!

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