Non-Verbal Communication

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The anatomy of a journal page, the bones, the guts is rarely what I expect.  It’s always a mystery this process of sorting information into visual form.  Most often the results are unexpected.  But I completely trust the process to lead me where I need to go even when it’s down through a dark tunnel and up again into the light. Which is what happened here.  The title for this post came as the journal spread neared completion.  It’s what visually spoke to me.  Do you experience this non-verbal communication when you create?  Sometimes I don’t get a title, a word, a phrase and that’s okay too.  It most likely reveals itself later or acts as a springboard for something else.  A kind of a tease.  But in this instance those words spoke to me and I share them here.


We communicate in a myriad of ways every day, ways we sometimes don’t even understand, by look, gesture, mindfully, thoughtlessly, but our desire for connection is paramount even as we live solitary lives.  These pages are non verbal and all about connections to me.

Words have tremendous power, even the ones we don’t speak.


  1. I often find my art takes a different path when I’m not looking, but I’m not sure it has ever spoken to me as loudly as yours speaks to you. Of course, I may not listen as well as you, so I applaud you for that. This is a POWERFUL spread, and speaks volumes!

  2. This says quite a lot and you listen with open ears, mind and arms.

  3. Looking at these organic shapes and layers of colors, I feel my heart connect with yours. Beautiful.

  4. I like what you are saying….Hugs, Valerie

  5. Donna Lange says:

    Well put, I do experience a response from my art work during the creation process, it tells me when to add, when to stop and when to put in more color! Its magical!

  6. pamelaarts says:

    Who needs works with pages like that?

  7. joarty1 says:

    Wow! A visual feast.

  8. kampysgirl says:

    Powerful colors and marks, speaking loud and clear! xoxo

  9. Very cool, love it. Thanks again for your words on my blog! xoxo

  10. It looks like you really went dark there at the beginning – I’m glad you tunneled your way through – a lovely result. Words are over-rated sometimes.
    xoxo, kim

  11. johanna says:

    it is so full of power! and i like how you describe your process – yes, titles fall into place sometimes shortly before the end…

  12. Very powerful in your spoken and unspoken words Corrine.
    Seeing your creative layers was a real treat too.
    I know that takes some extra focus while you are in the throws of creating!

  13. Your art is always fascinating to me because it is so different from what I do, and I don’t even recognise your process in my work, or even understand it. But I love watching and listening to what you do.

  14. Dear Corrine, thank you for your post, for describing so beautifully and kindly non-verbal communication, connection during creating and trusting into the process!!! Beautiful journal page.

  15. From darkness to light- and non-verbal communication : silence ,can be ever so communicative , as well of the examples you also gives. Your paintings, always speaks ,without words, but in giving me feelings and thoughts when looking.
    Thank you dear Corrine for your comment, to me, – my medication starts to help, me feel not so dark in my head, and I`m waiting for a ct-scan in the end of the months. Hoping it will show only good things.
    Hugs ,Dorthe

  16. Wow.. I’ll again say, l love to see what you make…I guess it connects me too!
    Beautiful pages here!

  17. I can so relate to this, Corinne! I often feel the same while going through various hills and valleys, haha! I really love the organic shapes in this piece so much! A very light and happy communication as it seems 🙂

  18. Nancy S. says:

    Wow! You have been busy!
    The outcome is wonderful!

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