Back to my roots, sort of

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Seeking the muse on a journey to the stars to bring me back deep into my roots, sort of…house projects have kept me from the studio.  Clutter kept me from creating but after some serious re-organization today I just moved into the journal with collage and glue stick and the muse took over. She’s a compilation of some old roots and new visions.  I’ve been writing more, free writing, moving ideas around the universe to see what fits with what I feel spirit is calling me toward.  I guess she’s part of that exploration.  I can’t wait to “seem, hear, smell, feel” what tomorrow might bring, but in the meantime, I’ve lots more house stuff to do, a few more weeks of hard effort and we prepare to let go of all the old and move on into this new life we are creating together, again.  I hope your journey brings you deep into your roots and reaching for the stars.







  1. Love your blue eyed muse! Good luck with all the stuff you still need to do! Hugs, Valerie

  2. Looks like you are back in the zone. Love it!

  3. I see your muse has lovely blue eyes…

  4. You are so creative Corrine. Is your hubby creative too?? What does he like to do?? hugs deb

  5. There must be something in the air…I have reorganized the studio too- and hope to get in there for play time tomorrow. Love how all that texture adds details and depth to the colors and patterns!

  6. I love your beautiful “starlet,” Corrie! Sometimes, combining the old with the new is just a perfect way to go!

  7. kampysgirl says:

    I see stars in her eyes as well Corrine- who knows what wonderful ideas lie ahead!
    ps..darn house chores- I feel your pain! heehee

  8. These bright blue eyes have a hypnotic energy… she will help you through all this organizing stuff! love the texture and bits and pieces all around, delightful!

  9. She’s so rich and complex, yet her message is so simple. Let go and create. All the best wishes with this mighty transition.

  10. why is it we all feel so beholden to those house chores! they will still be there tomorrow along with more! do enough each day to satisfy your nagging brain and then PAINT!

  11. Corrine- I love how wide open the eyes are- clear and blue. Like you are awake alive and ready to move again.

  12. Beautiful heartfelt piece you’ve created but all of your creativity is very special.
    I applaud you for making/finding any time for art with all you have going on!!!
    Long overdue here for a clear out…
    living in the same house for 30+ years has well you know
    Take care dear Corrine

  13. Love the colors. The background is SO rich!
    If I went back to my roots, it would be mostly grey…

  14. She’s glorious. All the patterned and coloured papers together and the pure person with the steady gaze and a crown of stars have such impact. This is a masterpiece.

  15. Beautiful creativity. It shines!!!!! Thank you for sharing!

  16. Oh, love all the colours, and the little squares underneath her eyes. There’s nothing as good as just playing and letting the muse take over….

  17. She is wonderfully happy and content, she is vibrant, and powerfull, and she carries the hopes for tomorrow, and ,helping the days in becoming bright and happy.
    So great dear Corrine. xo

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