Lightening Up

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Nothing like a gelli print session to lighten the mood.  It’s been too many days without so much as a drip of paint, a gelli bit of glitter or a raw stitch.  The morning started of grey and rainy with a cool breeze.  Walking was great, but I longed for a bit of studio time.  So out came the gelli plate and some stencils(none of which have been touched since last Fall, can’t believe it) and got out my favorite Spring-y colors and away we went. A wall or two full of background pages and the way forward to some new work that can emerge.

Lightening up, just like the sunny afternoon.











Don’t you just love those pulls with all the colors.


  1. Great colours, looks like you had a fun time! Hugs, Valerie

  2. my goodness Corrine that pink one just pops doesn’t it? Second from the bottom… hugs deb

  3. Loving all those luscious colors. Looking like spring!!

  4. Excellent!!!!! Love the prints.

  5. These are definitely spring like colors. I should also mention I have stencil envy!

  6. What a good time you had, my favs are the 2nd, 4th and 5th.

  7. Yes dear Corrine, these are certainly lightening up, and even making me smile, (which is not what I do most, with a depression on my head ) thank you for that- they are wonderful, and you will smile, too, every time starting on one of them ,for a new art piece!!
    Dorthe xx

  8. froebelsternchen says:

    Pure Yumminess!

  9. Gelli printing is addictive…..lovely work.

  10. njce colors good papers like the big prints best!

  11. I can believe it’s been since the fall because of your big move! You are probably still in the process of developing your new rhythm. You’ll get there.

    Happy colors here Corrine! xo

  12. oh yeah, these are delicious. Gelli printing is so much fun! What a great stash of new papers you have now.

  13. What a great burst of sunny colorful energy 🙂

  14. a feast for the eyes… i totally understand that urge of gelli printing! you ended up with great results and i´m sure we will “meet” again with some of them soon…

  15. kampysgirl says:

    Gorgeous color pulls! xx

  16. Yummers! What a feast to look close to your great prints! I am in love with the 2. photo! THOSE colors :)! ♥ Conny
    Piaroms Art Journaling


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