We Are All Connected by Love

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Early, early morning thoughts at about 4:30 a. m.  We are all connected by love.  In my journal intending to work on a lesson by Mystele, my process took over.  Starting with collage and  then an instagram photo.



This journal spread moved on it’s own to morph into something complete other under several layers of inks, paints, scribbles and oil pastels.  The image above lies buried in the depths, along with a pencil figure, also no longer visible.  But the final spread made perfect sense in embracing connectedness through love.  Brightly colored to fill a big heart and overflow into other hearts that will overflow into other hearts that will…connect.


The image is not at all what I planned and I was attached to that first collage, but it’s more important to move through the process to find the truth of what needs to be revealed.


x’s and o’x in the form of circles and a page of circles that can float or overlap, be with each other and be apart at the same time.


Thinking about all those people in my life who want to float these circles of love together and feeling so grateful.



  1. Beautiful work, love the pastel colours and the soothing patterns. Hugs, Valerie

  2. kampysgirl says:

    And I feel grateful to know you dear Corrine! Beautiful 4:30 spread! xo

  3. pamelaarts says:

    Beautiful! Love your process. But 4:30AM????

  4. Such a sacred time of the day, and it’s influence shines beautifully in your spread, Corrine! Many blessings!

  5. isn´t that layer-building a fabulous Thing. you know what lies beneath, at least now, maybe it will vanish into your subconscious… i like These Xs and Os, a nice way to make a code for love… wonderful Colors, too. but i think i couldn´t move out of the warm bed at that time;)

  6. I love, love your first created page, -but your circles of love and beauty are gorgeous too- such wonderful colours together, and the background of “loose” papers makes it so interesting. Circles filled with love, which will go on and on, and never end , only turn around to new happenings !
    Hugs, Dorthe

  7. Sweet pages. Glad you were able to let go and let flow.


  9. 4.30 a.m. and making art. Yes I must try that …. one day.
    It seems to have enhanced the mystical in you and your painting.
    Love the thoughts and bright colours.
    I think our Blogland Art-making circle is a wonderful place to be.

  10. I wondered what woke me at 430 your smile!

  11. you are so right… we are all connected by love.. wonderful, bella!

  12. Very Beautiful dear Corrine!!!
    Love is the question
    and Love is the answer
    Love is all ♥
    Happy April
    Happy Spring
    Happy Happy Everything

  13. Random connections often lead to the nicest places–and people! I love your early-morning work, Corrine.

  14. I love to hear the artists thoughts woven into the work. This is lovely and sweet – like Gelato on a hot summer day. As always your colors are delicious.

  15. Nancy S. says:

    Goodness, what nice spring colors!
    The pictures are so clear and crisp.
    The top with the pattern paper is a super building place.

  16. That journal spread is really beautiful. I just love gazing at it. Great work.

    I can’t find you on instagram. it’s bugging me!

  17. Beautiful and inspiring work!

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