Garden Girl

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Found the time finally to make something other than house!  A quick journal page for AJJ and Mix-it-Monthly using magazine collage and paints/markers/crayons of a garden girl with an angel wing.  So longing to see some brown earth and the snow still sits.  I’d like a nice bunch of radishes myself about now.  Not even a weed in sight yet, no dandelion’s for a Spring salad.  Boo Hoo.  Maybe this garden girl will bring some luck.



  1. Great page. Surely it brought you some happiness, if not greens.

  2. pamelaarts says:

    OooOooooo very nice….(as usual) xo

  3. Lovely work!

  4. While all about us are enjoying spring flowers and warmer weather, we sit with snow still on our lawns. Not even the crocuses have pushed through the snow in our area! Love your art today, Corrine, as it gives me hope!

  5. Nancy S. says:

    Before I saw the picture, I liked the name, “Garden Girl!”
    It is lovely! Love the wings!

  6. Hopefully she is the ticket to usher the warmth, because she is beautiful in so many ways!! Such wonderful symbolism and color of course! She made my day!

  7. Beautiful,love how you made this one! Hugs, and thanks for joining us at Art Journal Journey again! Valerie

  8. oh i feel with you, your springtime seems to be very very late!! take it as a good sign for a glorious summer (always thinking glass half full;)) i will send snow-melting thoughts all Weekend Long;) at least your beautiful Collage is heartwarming!!

  9. froebelsternchen says:

    She will bring spring for sure Corinne! What a lovely collage –
    here in my place it is also not very springlike just now.
    We have to have spring in our hearts … ♥
    Thank you for another fantastic Corinne Page for Art Journal Journey!

  10. A fine piece of art work for this challenge.
    Thank you for joining us
    Love Chrissie AJJ guest hostess xx

  11. kampysgirl says:

    Great wing Corrine- yes, I am hoping she spreads her wings and fills the sky with sunshine and warm air!! xo

  12. She looks quite satisfied with her harvest, and happy, too.
    Maybe she will sprinckle a little warmth, very soon. So wonderful Corrine ,love you painted the face !

  13. Carolyn Dube says:

    Going to be a great spring – esp if the piece I any indication!

  14. I like your girl with her garden wing. Looks like a lovely warm picture, and I like the butterfly on her head and all the cross-hatching and the little scrap of window – all quite surreal and imaginatively made.
    It is cold here today but the daffodils are out.

  15. A very beautiful page!

  16. Haha, looks like she is holding a biiig leaf of kale in her arm? You did so well to give her flowerwings! I too can´t wait to have the first dandelions here!! I mix them in my breakfast smoothie 🙂 bittersweet, hihi…so lets say “spring you are more than welcome!” xox ♥ Conny Mix It Monthly

  17. What a wonderful page! Is that you? Whoever she is, she makes me want Spring! We have had some lovely weather here but we are expecting some more freezing nights and cannot plant anything quite yet. But maybe after Easter we can!

  18. it has to come soon! the birds at my feeder are changing into their courting colors and must fly north soon! its amazing to see how the goldfinchs turn to gold in patches! I’m thinking spring for all of you Yankees!

  19. lovely page, Corrine. Good luck in the garden! and big, big hugs to you. Have a good and creative week.

  20. She looks like she’s ready to dive into garden-work! I feel so sorry for you still having snow, thumbs up it’ll change soon! Good that you can dream about spring in your journalpages 🙂

  21. It looks very much like Spring here,even the clocks ‘spring forward ‘an hour tonight,but the weather has been known to trick us in the past with snow whilst the tulips are flowering.

  22. Love this piece!
    Not only is it love in its own right, but I’m so anxious for our snow to melt so I can get in my gardens!

  23. I hope that since you posted this you can now at least see a weed. It WILL come. You can count on it.


  24. wonderful garden girl
    and surely spring will be busting lose anytime now!

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