Finding Red

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Red caught my eye today.

Stitching red



Rusty red


Mystele red


BShiny red button on my garland red



Emergency red


Cathy Nichols waxy red



Curtain birds red


Zigzag art book red(thanks Jan)


Mail art zine red (thanks Pamela)


Metal red


Scribble red


Red in bits everywhere.  You never notice until you take the time to “see”.




  1. You have been painting the town red! Red is a lovely colour, so warm. Hugs, Valerie

  2. Umm, red, my favorite.

  3. Yay!…red, and red!

  4. pamelaarts says:

    i love red too — and fun to see my little zine pop up here in your post!

  5. Love, love, LOVE this post and the many shades (and textures) of red! My very first homework assignment for my Color 101 class in college was to find five items that were exactly the same shade of red. What an eye-opening assignment! Nothing is as expressive as “red”!!! ♥

  6. I thought that stitching red was great, but “seeing red” is over-the-top marvelous! Love this post, Corrine!

  7. I never feel like my art is “done” without a bit of red. Love “seeing red!” xx

  8. How interesting that you should write about RED today. I am not a “red” person, but just this week I made a RED Board on Pinterest. I guess the world wouldn’t be the same without some “red” in it.

  9. What a fun and interesting post.
    Love the curtains.

  10. whats black and white and red all over? your reddy post reminded me of that old saw! I too love the curtains.

  11. kampysgirl says:

    A lovely sampling of red! Maybe a bit of yellow next, in the form of sunshine!! “) xo

  12. Red is the colour of the heart , and your heart is in all the art you are doing ,Corrine.
    Wonderful reds from you,- your friends, and in your home-
    Dorthe, xx

  13. Great red finds! xoxo

  14. Wonderful way of looking at a colour! I’m going to start searching for colours that way, seems like fun 🙂

  15. yes, red IS a wonderful Color… thanks for the collection…

  16. Nicely spotted and inspiring red. thank you for sharing!

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