It Never Turns Out Like You Planned

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It’s been a busy couple of weeks and I have been pretty MIA from my art life, except for the inspiration wall.  Today I was determined to let some art light into my life.  I began a journal page for AJJ with all the intentions of drawing lightening bugs.  Well, it never turns out like you planned.  Stamped a mason jar and then beefed it up a bit, hoping to show some fireflies escaping the jar.  Not to be.  Black paint, then gold paint, then more stamping with textures all over and scratches into the gold and NOTHING.  So I grabbed my box of magazine pages and began to cut wonky circles to be flowers, found a couple of tiny birds and butterfly images and pasted it all around.  Went back in with black uniball and then finger painted in pink and gold to soften the edges.  Finally finished it all up with white crayon and pink crayon.  Happy, happy, joy, joy.  A nice release of some tiny winged beings.  I cannot tell you how happy that white crayon made me.  It did exactly what I wanted – at least something did.  Funk over, ideas brimming, life is good, even if it is cold, windy and cold, did I mention windy?


What do you use to get over your funks?


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  1. I love your mason jar full of blooms … very colorful and made me smile!

  2. That approach sounds all too familiar to me! Starting with an idea that turns completely into something else but that’s the fun of creating!
    This mason jar full of the most beautiful Spring blooms would gladden anyone’s heart!
    xox Suzy

  3. pamelaarts says:

    Love the flowers!

  4. love the boquet just cant spell it!

  5. This is so cool! xo

  6. I love it, Corrine.

  7. Serendipity! It’s perfect, so alive, it’s jumps right off the page! Getting over my funk usually involves rolling a bunch of glass beads in my hands or opening a box of collage papers I haven’t looked at in a loooong time, it’s like finding treasure!

  8. To get over the funk i just ‘get in there’… avoiding the craft room is just asking it to go on and on… But if i get in there.. move stuff around…sometimes just sit then i will get inspired. I can’t just wait for it to go away … i have to actively push it away… Love your bouquet Corrine!
    PS Just posted a pic of baby Hummers!!!Hugs! deb

  9. It turned out wonderful, and that’s the main thing. Glad you found time for some arting. Thanks for joining us again at Art Journal Journey, hugs, Valerie

  10. Awesome Corinne… I love the white crayons as well.The best one ist the white oil pastel crayon from Sennelier in my mind( have to test their oilsticks too)… bought one as a single oil pastel stick recently.. they even have a colorless stick ..this is also amazing -great for resist – the white one is a good rescue-tool and so much easier to bring on than acrylic…. yeah!
    Happy you found some time and happy that you linked it to Art Journal Journey!

  11. wonderful vase and flowers,love the crayon colors and butterflies with in,love it so much.

    greetings jeannette

  12. Rich colours and wonderful images
    Thank you for joining us
    Love Chrissie AJJ guest hostess xx

  13. Part of the whole creative gizmo is being willing to follow a new path as it opens up! The jar is delightful!
    It’s cold here for the next few days. Forget April, March is the cruelest month!
    Getting into my studio,even if I am not feeling like working, always lifts my spirits. Even sorting and cleaning leads to good stuff!
    When will spring stop teasing us?

  14. This turned out superb! Love the whole process and the feeling it exudes.

  15. Wonderful, romantic flowers, so sweet with the butterflies Corrine, and the pink, suits this so very well 🙂
    Dorthe, xo

  16. Nancy S. says:

    Beautiful and spring colors,too.
    Could be an Easter egg tree….?

  17. Plans often go astray…sometimes for the better…as in this case.

  18. This is really terrific, one of your pieces I wish I had done.
    It’s perfect.
    What a great workshop this would make, people could make different backgrounds and vases and different flowers and other decorations.

    I go to my sketchbooks to get ideas, there is always something lurking in there that I can develop – whether successfully or not is another matter.

  19. What you created is blooming wonderful!!!
    Fun to read about your process too.
    Happens most often that what I think I may do turns into something else…
    that is one of the lovely parts of the creative process isn’t it…
    Happy Springtime (we may get some white stuff tomorrow but nothing serious they say)
    Take care oxo

  20. Your inner you must have wanted to do flowers…and they’re gorgeous! Love the springtime colors.

  21. this is mah-velous! Fun, lighthearted, and yet truly creative! Wonderful return to artsy!

  22. (to continue your head line:)… and it is good so.
    it couldn´t have turned out more beautiful, i see all the joy you had with this. what a marvellous Bouquet!
    (to answer your question: when i don´t get something done, i make Backgrounds. LOTS of!! i sometimes think that is my real Destination;))
    now i´m going out to (hopefully) watch the partial eclipse of the sun…
    happy spring, corrine!

  23. kampysgirl says:

    Absolutely gorgeous Corrine! Glad your muse took you on a joy ride- looks like you had fun!! xo

  24. Historically, mason jars have held a myriad of things. Yours today holding the flowers has put me in the Spring frame of mind–even though it is gray and dismal outside. My children, as I did when I was a child, would bring flowers (mostly dandelions, I will admit) for mother in the Spring. A mason jar would have been a tad big for the short-stemmed dandelions, but I was able to reminisce a bit with your art! Thanks!

  25. wonderful bouquet! again would be great for notecards! am seeing my way over boxes. the pile is shrinking and I have room on my table to paint if I can remember how! the temp will be in the 80’s and trees are blooming! amazing. its been snowing at my former abode!

  26. Wonderful inspiring creation, love the different vibrant and also soft colors, great art work”
    I wish you a happy weekend,
    big hugs Anja

  27. way to get over that funk. I can’t tell what you painted and what you collaged – you are so masterful. Just sayin’ Love it. love you.

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