Inspiration Wall

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The inspiration wall in my reading/mediation nook is complete.  I finished it up last evening by hanging some pieces on the wall.  My idea was to create a nook in our master bath.  The space has fantastic light and I wanted to take advantage of it to read/meditate and even sit and hand stitch.  This space used to be a miniature bedroom, barely with enough room for a twin bed and night table.  We removed the wall and made one large space which houses our master bath, a cedar wardrobe, a small glass front cabinet and my new nook.  The wall was a blend of old plaster and new sheetrock and the transition did not work well dimensionally, so I decided to take advantage of the imperfection and collage the wall.  Now it is bathed in eastern light.  We still have space to lay out a yoga mat as well.  All it is lacking is a floor lamp, but I will haunt the thrift shops for that in due course.

A true private, multipurpose space.  Fur friendly of course.


I used empty frames on the wall and a small mosaic mirror we found in Asheville, NC.  The heart made of sea glass inside the empty frame is from Kim at Art in Red Wagons, I love her work.


One of my recycled milk jug chairs works perfectly in this “bath” environment and I can cozy it up with a quilt if I choose.  Plants are thriving nicely here too.


I hung my “spirit dude” in the another empty frame to remind me to remain fiercely open to what comes and to give a bit of protection to the space.


Another small piece sent to my by my friend Marilyn Rock (xox, the girl with the jump rope) hangs on the wall.  Sadly she is no longer blogging, I miss her and hope she is well.

All in all I used up most of my stash of papers that I no longer create with and magazine images that have inspired that I kept in a box forever, so a bit of decluttering, upcycling happened too. I em enjoying the colorful chaos and the Superhero likes it too. It’s snowing again, thankfully just an inch-ish will fall, but I did manage a 3 mile walk today and it really did feel like Spring is around the corner.  Enjoy the start of your week tomorrow.



  1. pamelaarts says:

    Oh!! Oh!! Oh!! This is just too wonderful. I must visit. You are going to get a lot of comments about how great this is. xoxo

  2. This beautiful, personal project and wall is divine, Corrine. What a great place to just “be”.
    Can’t wait to see it.

  3. Love your special place, really beautiful. I wish you many happy and relaxing leisure hours there. Hugs, Valerie

  4. Love what you’ve done Corrine! I’ve felt so confined in this big open house in CA…confined by its ‘newness’ if that makes any sense and the fact that we knew we wanted to resell it… I’m determined our ‘retirement’ house will not be so new so i will feel more free to decorate on a whim… If i want to collage all over i wall i can without having to worry about resale value…lol I want to make a Bee Wall! Not a huge wall just a little wall space somewhere where i can do mixed media things to the wall and use a honey comb stamp ..some texture paste some yellows and oranges and stamp out bees all over it…. I think it would ‘bee’ lovely near a kitchen… Hmmmmm …… my mind is racing… :)Hugs! deb

  5. Simply awesome Corrine! Who needs wallpaper when you can create your own? What have you used here to glue your papers down? It is so freeing to make your own mark like this. A great little space to practise yoga and meditation also!
    Xox Suzy

  6. That is super awesome!!

  7. wonderful wonderful wonderful. i have to look around to see if i have a wall i can make an inspiration!

  8. Love all the colour, texture and vegetation.

  9. Such a lovely friendly space,you have done a good job.
    Thanks for visiting.

  10. Your wall is splendid, Corrine!!! I bet when you sit there and meditate, you will see something new every time for years to come! It looks warm, cozy, and inviting. I wish you many inspirational moments and relaxing times in that little space. ♥

  11. What a glorious light-filled nook! LOVE that wall.

  12. What a cheering, soothing, inspiring wall you have created. I love it, and seeing the bits of “you.” May your spirit dude always stand watch over the peace you find in this space.

  13. it Looks so cozy, it would be my favorite room for sure! i love how you broke down the wall area with Frames, good idea! wishing you lots and lots of good hours there, you are blessed!

  14. froebelsternchen says:

    This is simply AMAZING Corinne – UNIQUE!

  15. happy st paddys day! love the wall . what low ceilings you have but keeps the warmth in! finally the laptop is speaking to me. I’ve missed seeing what you are up to!

  16. Absolutely fabulous Corrine!!What a comfortable, special place to just BE! Thanks so much for sharing! xx

  17. What a wonderful, YOU space! I’m sure you have inspired people all over to create similar walls. I love the “empty” frames and the light. You probably already said what glue you used but I missed that so am curious how you stuck all this down.

  18. It has become a wonderful room Corrine,- the beautiful green tones are great together with all the different tones on your wall, and I love the empty frames, framing spots on the wall .-the plants and chair ! Enjoy dear !!!

  19. Nancy S. says:

    How fun! And how peaceful!
    Wish i could have a cuppa with you and the dogs there!

  20. “Spirit Dude” looks right at home there, it’s a terrific inspirational wall, and I suppose you can add to it?
    I like the rag rug and the occasional empty frame which is not really empty.

  21. WOW what a great idea. I don’t have any plain walls in my art room so I have all this “stuff” stuck to furniture and bulletin boards and lamps, you get the pic. I love how you are able to just put it all together and enjoy it.

  22. I’m so envious! What a fantastic little space for reading/dreaming/meditating.

  23. As I said…such a great idea for an elaborate place to sit and rest and have hours to look at this big collage work!! Loovely and spirit dude is so worthy having such a lovely home now 😉

  24. You are being so creative in your home decor – this has got to be one of the most personal, made-with-love homes I’ve ever seen. You’re amazing!

  25. Your wall is phenomenal! The best use of mixed media I have ever seen, and something you love and can look at all the time! Go you! I truly love this Corrine!

  26. Love your completed “inspiration” wall, Corrine! It reminds me a bit of a sauna with the wood ceiling and that wonderful chair. A place to be quite, a place to renew, a place to relax. Wonderfully done!

  27. What an awesome space you have created. Such a great idea to find a way to be able to enjoy that beautiful light as much as possible. And I love the wall!

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