Recycling in the Studio

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It’s good to remember that not everything we create needs to be saved.  There is that thought of the preciousness of work and what would we do if we didn’t save it all. Someday I might….blah, blah, blah.  I for one am guilty of that, but I am trying to let it all go much more lately.  I unpacked another box of “stuff” old art, odd experiments, vision board kind of pieces using magazines and such and decided to recycle all but two pieces.  From that stash of “stuff” I gained 45 post card size pieces that are blank backgrounds for new collage.  10 ATC size pieces and some odds, ends and long bits to use in journal pages to add depth.  Recycling is paying off.  I’m also packing up bundles of things to bring over to our local charity thrift.  Time to part with things that no longer serve me but will serve others happily and help out those in need in our town.  Recycling is in the air, so many friends in blogland are doing it too.  Shedding our skin and lighting our hearts.







  1. pamelaarts says:

    makes you feel lighter, doesn’t it?

  2. Seems you are “spring cleaning” already, Corrine! I haven’t thought of this process, but am thinking I like this idea. Thanks for the inspiration, my friend!

  3. kampysgirl says:

    Good for you and your spring cleaning~ xo

  4. As usual, you have great ideas for recycling. I’ve been looking at my own pile of color catchers, I’ll follow your lead. I already took a load of art supplies to the thrift store and managed not to bring any more home!

  5. Such a great idea – and a good thing to do when you’re snowed in!

  6. Brilliant recycling. One reason I stick to art journals is that I worry about adding to the piles of art we already have stacked in every nook and cranny, since both our moms painted and there just aren’t enough walls in this house!

  7. Such pretty postcards Corrine!!!

  8. I wish I could get stuck into some de-cluttering too….no time at present.

  9. A great idea, and something I do regularly. This way I have ‘new’ backgrounds to work on and more space. Hugs, Valerie

  10. yes, Recycling is a “spring Thing” i think… going into a new season more lightheartedly… the heaps look so wonderfully colored.

  11. love those postcards! I need to do more of that too! paper grows when you aren’t looking!

  12. I have been thinking of doing the same thing with older art…perhaps cutting it up and placing it in collage. Your recycle pile is so bright and pretty. Have fun! xo

  13. love your recycling of art! when I make any kind of art I always take a photo of it. that way if I later want to do something different with the original piece I still have a photo of what it looked like. or I can print out the photo and use that in some other way.

  14. If I learned anything from my move? It was to not hold on to stuff. Good..give it another life. Love all the colors. Look like great bookmarks.

  15. It’s hard to declutter and part with creations but it is good for the spirit. I don’t think we realise just how much clutter pushes us down.

  16. Oh yes, good idea. But SO hard to do.
    Love the colors from your recycled pieces.
    (to self: but wait maybe I can use that later…).

  17. Love your pile of recycled art! xox

  18. They look great stacked up, like a pile of quilts for the Princess and the Pea.
    I’d love to see what happens next. Some of them (of the ones I can see) look pretty good just as they are.

  19. I read the word recycling and my heart skips a beat. I’m so in love with these postcards. Never thought to make some, but I should since I have so much stuff I could contribute. I think you are truly doing your part, and, like you, I’m also parting with a few things. Good for you and your love of recycling.

  20. Your stash of card pieces looks fantastic Corrine, and so doea the ATC`s and other pieces, also. It is a wonderful idea, to give away for charity the things one does not need or use anymore, -I also gave away 3 cars filled with things of all kind –rests from my shop, and materials,too— someone are getting happy hours ,!!!
    Hugs, Dorthe

  21. This is so smart! And you’re right, sometimes it’s just time to LET GO. Maybe I’ll do a spring cleaning in my room soon. My stacks of ‘stuff’ have reached epic proportions……

  22. Recycling and repurposing are good ongoing things for sure…
    you’ve taken it a step further doing it with artwork Corrine…
    thanks for the inspiration
    and Happy March

  23. Sounds like you’re doing a great job Corrine……and your piles of cards look fab! 😀

  24. Amen, Sistah! Im in purge mode too and it feels wonderful.

  25. Enjoyed the beautiful colorful shots of your stash! I have been in the spring cleaning mood too, but I’m not very good at it. I could really stand to get rid of so much in my studio, but it’s still a work in progress.

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