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It’s been a this and that last few days. Working on the wall, and stitching on several projects going on simultaneously.  Not a whit of finished anywhere, but that feels right about now.  Cabin fever had set in and Ella dog and I walked the river today even though the temps hit only 12F.  Sadly we found the remains of a gorgeous hawk.  I fear the cold has caused real famine to happen in the wild population and they are going after and eating anything they can.  So sad to see a raptor down though, they are quite special to me.  But the sun is out and the songbirds at my feeder have been singing and the day is gloriously pretty nonetheless.  Dogs are romping despite the cold and I will be stitching in the warm house today.






Since the ground is white, I’m bringing the color to me.


  1. Love your stitched this and that project! Stay warm! Sorry about the hawk! Hugs, Valerie

  2. “bring the color to me”.. love that. So cold out there.

  3. I have an infinity for raptors as well and am always on the look out for them, especially at home when the chickens are out in the yard! I once went down to the coast during migration to see the hawks and got to see a group kettling (awesome sight). So glad you got out for a walk, even in winter it can be enjoyable, breathing the cold, clean air. Keep stitching!

  4. Wonderful colors! Love the yellow and orange, as always!
    (and a special thank you,too).

  5. be still my heart… your stitches are divine, and not a Whif of finished, is exactly what is happening here.. xoxo

  6. kampysgirl says:

    The color you bring is lovely Corrine!
    You really suppose the famine is what did the hawk in? How sad- I always thought they were of the strongest “( xo

  7. Very much enjoy your colorful stitching, what is the back ground fabric, linen?
    I’ve read that many predators do better during times that are hard for the prey species because they can fatten up on the dead and dying. It is a hard existence either way during extreme weather such as you are having. Here, we are having to mow the grass it has been so unseasonably warm. Give me mowing over snow shoveling any day. Glad you were able to get out and walk, I’ll bet that made you feel better, and the pup too.

  8. your colorful stitches are good medicine dear Corrine

    very sorry for the loss of the hawk … that makes me sad

  9. Gorgeous colors Corrine…. I’m so sorry to hear about the hawk … they are special to me too… Did you collect up a feather or two??? Hugs! deb

  10. It should not (but does) amaze me how much texture you can conger up with your needle and thread, Corrine! Glad you and Ella got out for some “girl time” time today; Jake and I didn’t go far, believe me. I am glad that Russ takes the night shift. I am sorry, too, about the raptor. I know it is the way of the wild, but still…..

  11. So, so sad about the hawk. I’ve noticed other blogs I visit are reporting the birds are really savaging for food. This winter (and the weather) has really taken a toll on human, animal, and avian life, not to mention a toll on homes, heating, and water. It’s such a shame. Just stay warm and keep stitching away. These look so RIGHT.

  12. froebelsternchen says:

    wonderful stitches on this fabric Corinne.. so sorry about your loss!

  13. thoughts of spring here! as cold as it is my maple tree has buds that seem to fatten every day! and the sparrows are fighting over the bird houses we left out as protection from the cold I’m sure spring is out there hiding in the snow!

  14. I LOVE that you are bringing the color to you. Spring will burst through that snow soon – I’m betting on it!

  15. it´s a good decision to bring the Color to you! when i saw the first Picture i thought to see an upper eyelid;) fun, how the mind works… stay safe and warm…

  16. Stitching of therapy,- the therapy of alloving ourself to rest and relaz cozy inside, with somethink wonderful, in the hands .
    Lets hope the winter will soon make place for green grass and black soil, for the birds to again be able to find food !!
    Dorthe, xoxo

  17. Looks like you are having a lot of fun with your stitching. The first one looks like an eyelid, somewhat spooky.
    Stay safe and warm

  18. My mind is working overtime trying to think where this stitching is going. Or is the journey the destination? Looking at the weave all those stitches are so tiny.
    I love the snow and cold but not for the birds.

  19. always fun to bring the color… IN! xo {love the hand stitching}

  20. C-O-L-D! I’d be suffering from cabin fever in your circumstances too. But it certainly gives you time to be creative – love seeing your stitching bits…..curious as to what they’ll be when they grow up! 🙂

  21. Fun way to bring colour in the house! Hope spring will come soon ….

  22. Beautiful stitches Corrine, and beautiful description of your day. Sending you lots of warm thoughts!

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