Dancing in the cold

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It’s been so raw and cold here that all we can do is dance inside.  Dogs and people running around, skipping, jumping, chewing, tug-o-war and dancing. Oh yes, and shoveling…ready for that to be done for a while.  Did I mention cuddling with furry sweeties.  Lots of that going on and hot chocolate and naps.  A bit of creating in the journal and a new project in the house, sneak peak.






Did I mention cuddling?


Oh and that sneak peak.  Hopefully when all the elements and additional collage get combined,this storage/art wall will be as charming as this altered photo.


  1. LOVE your wall, and the collaged pages you’ve done. Your furry friends know what to do on a cold day.

  2. Love your wall and collage. Those doggies looks very happy and cozy! Stay warm, hugs, Valerie

  3. Only inside dancing here too and we’re just getting a taste of what you’ve been dealing with.
    Super wall art and journal creations too.
    Woof Woof smart pooches
    Stay Warm!

  4. Yay for the sneak peaks!
    Love the yellows in the wall!
    Oh, yes, doggies,too!

  5. Can’t wait to see the finished wall, it’s going to be awesome. Hope you can get outside without having to shovel soon!

  6. pamelaarts says:

    That all sounds very nice! Hugs–Pamela

  7. I love your pups and am so glad that I had an opportunity to meet them personally. Sweet, oh so sweet! Love that your have moved you creativity into the barn. Can wait to see that, too!

  8. Your art is beautiful and it makes me forget the cold outside.

    Your fur babes have the right idea. My two won’t sleep together, but one sleeps by my legs and the other by the top of my head. Probably TMI (grin).

    Stay warm and cozy. I can’t wait to see the wall when it’s finished.

  9. That’s a great design wall! Your dogs look very comfy. Keep warm!

  10. fantastic wall art and pages Corinne..AMAZING!!!
    your puppies are soooo sweet!
    Have a great weekend!

  11. Fun collage, I like “Smile Big”.
    Sounds like you are having quite a winter, I think you are getting all our snow too as we still have not had any.
    Fascinating to see the sneak peak of your wall, looking forward to seeing more.

  12. kampysgirl says:

    Oh the wall- the possibilities-I can;t wait!! but I shall~
    Love your journal page- it says Spring!! dancing in the flowers and rain!! Is this a sign? (one can only hope!) Your fur-babies are so sweet and looks like there’s room for one more on that bed! heehee xo

  13. those pups made me smile! the overload of snow must be hard on them! like the start of the new project! more, more

  14. Looks and sounds like a great way to spend your time during bitterly cold days. Stay warm Corrine. xo

  15. A wonderful, and fun project with the wall, in so many happy colour pieces, -and your journal page with you dancing to and from, and smiling to the flowers, too, is wonderful, Corrine.I hope you are napping cozyly with your doggies, in between the shovelings .
    Dorthe ,x

  16. Furry, sweet doggies and I like idea of warming up dance. Lovely post full of energy and light!

  17. wonderful use of bits and pieces! your 3 ones look really cozy… i see you make the best out of this winter!

  18. I love your collage journal pages, Corrine. Smile big is very interesting, love the soft colors…here and there 🙂
    hope weather gets better soon at your place. Keep safe

  19. Glad to see your abominable weather isn’t keeping you from making wonderful art! Your pups look worn out…..enough chasing them around the house already! 🙂

  20. Love your bright collage pages!

  21. Sounds so much fun in your house….I want to come and visit! 😀

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