They Dance the Dream Together

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While painting backgrounds in my art journal yesterday, a couple of figures revealed themselves in the paint. As I was fleshing out their details, I was contemplating this cold as ever winter and thinking that maybe this sweet couple was in less than good circumstance.  Even in the face of adversity and hardship, they danced their dreams together. Our loved ones, our friends who are often more “family” to us than family, dance this dance with us daily. Together with love and support we dream a bit bigger, feel like we can accomplish difficult goals and have that security we all seek. Life is a glorious dance, made better when we are together.  So by all means dance the dream together. Linking to AJJ

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  1. Corrine , I love this , your figures ,your words, your thoughts behind!! Yes we should dance the dance of love and friendship ,so much more, throughout the world !! I blew the photoes up to see the background better, wonderful !!
    Dorthe x

  2. Wonderful post, pictures and words! Hugs, Valerie

  3. What a sweet, happy couple.
    Love their clothes even if they are (in their Real Life) cardboard rags.
    I see he is wearing a tie with his shorts.
    It’s such a fun painting you’ve made with your crayons.

  4. Awwwwww….tugs at the heartstrings.

  5. Keep dancin’, “dance me to the end of love.”

  6. I Love her dress and their outstretched arms!
    Says SO much!

    I am in love with this couple and their clothes and I like your post-text today soooo much!

    Wonderful entry to Art Journal Journey Corinne!
    Thank you !

  8. Love the colors here Corrine and the fabulous figures you discovered in the paint. 🙂 Hugs~ deb

  9. I love that these people emerged from such a sunny background. I hope their dance gave you some warmth. Can’t believe how hard you are getting hit this winter. Dancing with you in spirit. Xo.

  10. this is absolutely awesome! i can see how you Long for the end of winter chosing These sunny paints. i love this couple and the words you let Dance along…

  11. its just time for the happy dance! we have to chase winter away somehow! thank you for my morning smiles!

  12. Great pages Corrine!

  13. Your pages are brilliant and so touching dear Corrine!
    Enjoying being able to do the happy dance with talented and giving artists like yourself…
    Stay warm and safe

  14. Stunning concept behind this entry. I love your use of cardboard to clothe your loving partners. Great, colorful job.

  15. kampysgirl says:

    I so love this journal spread Corrine- especially that your dancers are melded as one! xoxo

  16. Very cool spread. Love the clothes they are wearing.

  17. This touches me deeply, and for a variety of reasons, my friend. This is “life” art in its surest sense!

  18. how true is that, and I for one am willing to dance that friendship dance… in cardboard rags indeed!! xoxo

  19. Love this one!

  20. You have made me smile……this is delightful! 🙂

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