Snowbound Mail

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One good thing about being buried under 4-5 feet of snow is that you have no excuses not to catch up on all your creative projects you have been avoiding.  It’s been ages, I mean ages, since I made a post card and I am long overdue at catching up.  Snow flying, I took the opportunity to get my fingers flying in create mode.  The other thing about being a bit stir crazy in the house is that I have been consciously trying a new time management system of doing something for one hour and moving on to the next.  This has freed up time to complete things by making them less overwhelming.  Now of course I have allocated more time too work tasks and creating time, but I have found that I spend less time glued to the computer screen, found more time for reading, spent less time watching mindless television, did more renovation tasks and in general gotten more organized.  Simple right, one hour at a time.  I’m going to keep at it and see what evolves.  Now for a bit of mail art eye candy.



IMG_4995 IMG_4996 IMG_4997 IMG_4998 IMG_4999




  1. This is definitely eye-candy overload, these beautiful papers, the fish, the reindeer, the colours.
    I’m going to order some snow and sign up to your time-management system.
    Seriously, both together sound like a great idea.

  2. Love your collection of fantastic cards, looks like you really had fun! Hugs, Valerie

  3. pamelaarts says:

    OooOooo I hope one of those beauties is coming my way! They look great. And that snow!!! You guys are getting hammered. It is 75 here — and believe it or not, I hate it it. I don’t want all that snow like you have but 75 in winter is just wrong. I’m staying inside and making stuff too. xo

  4. Although I really don’t like fish or fishing, I do like your arty fish, Corrine! The oranges in your work keep popping up and I am lovin’ that! I also think I might try your one-hour-and-done technique and see what happens to my schedule! Thursdays and “Blue Bloods” is such a time suck for me!

  5. kampysgirl says:

    wow some mail art eye candy for sure Corrine!! Love the deer at the end the best! xo

  6. Scrumptious postcards…love the fishy one. You have an excellent regime. I find that I can’t work at any one thing for too long as I then begin to muck it up.

  7. Fab mail! Hope you received my recent card. Have a good week. Hope the snow melts!! xo

  8. I hope I’m on your list. Please send me your address, I have something to send to you.

    sheesh, I thought the 18 inches of snow we got a few years back was a lot.

  9. You have been ONE busy gal since the snow started flying around your house. Time management is good. it also helps keep you from constantly repeating certain motions that can be harmful. And of course, it produces all that lovely mail art that might go out if and when the mail carrier can finally find your mailbox (grin).

  10. wow.. an overloading of yummie artsy stuff!
    Makes me happy to see this!

  11. Very inspiring! Makes me want to go stock up my postcards!

  12. i love mail art and this is overwhelming! so good you can organize your time, there are too often distractions, well: bad Habits as to speek for me… too much time i spend on the pc…

  13. I find the computer is the biggest time killer and I tell myself time and again to get off it. I think your one hour idea is a great one. I need to try it. I’ve found that by putting a portable table in the sitting room in the evening I am at least doing a bit more crafting. Love your postcards, lots of fun.

  14. you are right about that, snow can really help you focus on the studio, and since you are buried in record amounts, it is the best time to hide out and play with paint and paste!! cheerful work! xoox

  15. that mail art is looking great! Love your time management idea! will definitely try it, since I’m having time-management issues as well…. Thanks for sharing!

  16. What a beautiful and interesting collection of cards. The colors and layers are gorgeous! I can’t decide which I like best, they are all fantastic!

  17. you do make the best postcards! love the fish, snowed here all nite ugh!

  18. Oh, yes, this IS eye candy!
    Love Mr. Shark. He doesn’t look TOO mean!

  19. There’s a lot of production there! (thanks for mine!) I caught up with a bunch of mail art in January but it’s stacking up again – I’m immersed in Jane’s class and find it seems to suck most of my creative energy. P/C might just have to wait a few weeks til the class is over! 🙂 Your recipients will no doubt be thrilled!

  20. Oooh nice…….what a great collection!

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