Farmhouse Update Winter 2015

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Progress is slow on the inside because as many of you know, New England has been hit with massive snow storms, with yet another 14+” of snow on the way tomorrow.  But we did manage to finish our guest bath/laundry room.  So I thought I would share.  As any of you who have tackled renovation know, it’s never really done, but it’s always in some stage of progress.  This space feels pretty good for now.  It’s an open space and connects with our guest room and  den/nook off the kitchen.  The house truly does have a racetrack right around the center, which is good for some stir crazy dogs about now. And with that in mind, our finishes are heavy duty to make that play possible.  Most of you who see me on FB will recognize the sink.  The Superhero mounted a funky shelf out of reclaimed wood over the toilet and fashioned the laundry area out of old wood from the barn.  Love these thick pieces.  The window to nowhere in the tub area brings light into an otherwise closed in space and adds a touch of whimsy.  It too was found in the barn, along with all the wood around it.  If nothing else, we are having fun creating a space we enjoy together.  Hope you like the tour.

Shameless plug for the beautiful kids, my son and his lovely girl and their company , we have been using jar after jar of drenched to keep our hands nice and hydrated all winter long.  Good for my face too when I dip out into the cold.




  1. Your home is so wonderfully filled with your style and soul!

  2. So loving this comfy cozy style. I am impressed with the window for the shower. Very cool. Is there anything SH can’t do? Geesh. Oh I know one thing.. stop the snow. Whaaaa!

  3. Looking Great! LOVE the vanity…..and your son is dishy!

  4. Looks great! I love the dresser too.

  5. It all looks really great. Love that sink in the bathroom – beautiful! Hugs, Valerie

  6. I’m so glad you and hubby are having so much fun fixing up your farmhouse! I love that sink by the way….. Hugs~ deb

  7. It all looks quite wonderful and inviting. I love the colors and the window and the ability to run laps in the house. Keep up the good work!

  8. froebelsternchen says:

    Wow..that looks great Corinne! Congrats—

    we have here a stillstand at the moment…. hubby has to do too much other work…grrrr…

    What a beautiful couple!
    Your son is very good looking!


  9. I loved the tour, it is so you and so unique! I adore that rustic style, and am so happy for you, it all looks so beautiful! Wonderful picture of your son and girl as well!! Keep warm my friend!

  10. I just love your farmhouse and all the special touches you and superhero have added. My your boy and his girl are handsome. xoxo

  11. I too love your cozy style, Corrine and that it looks so big, -no small toilet room here,- love also you used the old wooden pieces ,and your sink , and the shelf place allover,
    A wonderful area . What a handsome son, and lovely daughter in law, I wish them great luck with their products of organic bath things.
    Dorthe, xx

  12. Beautiful! Love the old window! And shameless plug or proud mom? Toot that horn!

  13. I really enjoyed the tour of your new bath. It looks like something you would appreciate. That sink and stand are a gorgeous color. Can’t beat a bit of color when it comes to YOUR world!

    It was also fun to meet your son and his girlfriend, too. Shameless plug or not, they deserve it if that “drenched” works as well as you say it does.

  14. Your bathroom certainly reflects your style Corrine. I love that it is all open, the timber use everywhere even in the shower as well as the beautiful glass basin.
    I think your son and his girlfriend are “drenched” in love – love all of those totally organic products.
    x Suzy

  15. kampysgirl says:

    Plug away my dear- not at all shameless! And what a beautiful couple they are!
    Okay, so there is enough room in your toilette for me to move in!! I’m packing- see you soon! heehee It is gorgeous Corrine- love your style! xo

  16. I am a bit jealous when I see your sweet house you have created, haha ! So much soulful beauty everywhere! What a wonderful bathroom! And a happy couple, haha what do we need more 😉

  17. I am so thrilled to have seen first hand so much of the progress you have made in your new home, Corrine. I do have to say that I love the inside shower window! Brilliant! I should have tried some of the hand lotion when I was there! 😉 Gorgeous couple, I might add!

  18. thanks for the peek! I’m sure by now you’d like to see grass! hope all is well and you are warm! we had maybe 6 in. of snow which has been blowing around all day! the worst is the cold! take care, lyle

  19. What a sink! And the color, no snow there!

  20. Fantastic, inspiring work and space.

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